It’s crazy what people actually go through to get to a preview sale, and I am one of them. I woke up at 6a.m. packed my kids in the car and dropped them with my mom and went to the Ikea sale with my maid. I needed the extra hand to help just in case I had to use more than one trolley (which of course I anticipated that I would lor!).

I have actually sort of pre-planned on what I wanted to buy (but I bought more than what was planned, as always..who doesn’t????) That’s the thing about sales, I always end up buying more than what I planned for, thinking, hey since it’s on sale, why not…quite good wat…u know all the excuses keep popping in my head to convince myself that it was a good buy. My hubby always ask me how often am I going to use the things that I buy? Do you really need it? Well, at that point of time when you see the item and it was like 40 – 50% off, you never think how often you are going to use that thing but would be thinking that if I don’t get it now; and when I do need it, I would have to pay full price for it! Right?

By the time I got there, there were already loads of people there and before I knew it, there was an announcement that a certain item was out of stock! It’s not even 8 a.m yet! People are actually snatching up items as if they cost nothing! Each time they make the announcement that an item is out of stock, I can’t help feeling, hey did I get that item? If not, aiya…why so slow??

I didn’t realise that some of the items were that worth buying until I saw people crowding round the particular item. I had to squeeze my way in to grab this spaghetti jar and was even molested! Well I didn’t bother as it was a woman, if it was a man, I would have busted him man! Really, I could live without that darn container, but hey, it’s on the one day special offer item list, so I must get it!! So when they announced that this item was sold out later, I can’t help feeling proud of myself! Hahahaha..



  1. MyLittleChampion

    laundryamah, when are you passing me that spaghetti jar ah? hehe

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