History : Continued…

My First Born 1st Year

I must say I was not very impressed with his looks after he was born. He began to develop milk rash and he had eczema. The only thing I was amazed was the amount of hair he had. But slowly, the rash and eczema got better and his skin turned fairer. His looks took a turn too and he actually is quite a good looking fella! (Proud mommy bragging!)

Kieran was a very active baby, he started crawling when he was 6 months old, climbing and stand with support when he was 7 months and walking at 10 months! I stopped breastfeeding him when he was 6 months. Gave me a bite and I actually slapped him for that! I really didn’t mean to do that but it was like a reflex action. He was stunned and refused to re-latch and that was the end of breastfeeding!

His first trip which requires an international passport was to Singapore. It was really funny cos daddy had to hold him to have his photo taken at the immigration.

(Photo coming soon)

For his 1st birthday we had a big party do at my mom’s place, with the caterers and tents. However, the poor boy was not feeling well, was still having fever during the earlier part of the day.

(Photo coming soon)

History : My First Born 2nd Year

We enrolled him at Noah’s Ark, a playschool at Bangsar as we were getting worried due to his lack of speech. We couldn’t toilet train him either so I was hoping he would be toilet trained there! The first week was tough as he wailed and screamed when I left him there. After about 15 days he was fully settled and in just 2 weeks he was toilet trained! Not long after that he was chatty, in fact talked too much!

Trip to Australia

He was a riot on the plane and managed to catch a nap of just one hour on the 8-hr flight. We took turns to entertain him which was not easy at all. We exhausted every toy we brought including the ones the airline gave us as he got bored with them so fast! He was running up and down the aisles and the stewards/stewardess had to warn us again and again about him.

He was really considered quite a good kid besides the running up and down the aisle part, as he didn’t cry at least during the flight. He sits in his stroller when we bring him out and occasionally we will let him loose. The part when he chased the sea gulls was really cute.

Pix coming up…

The flight from Melbourne to Sydney however was a nightmare. He cried non-stop the whole journey, thank God it was only an hour plus flight!

My uncle who was still alive then (God bless his soul, RIP) made a comment to my mom and said to come visit is ok to him but try not to bring the kid! Gosh! I thought he was a pretty good kid, didn’t even make a mess at the apartment. The only time he cried really badly was the day I went off to the city on my own and left him with mom. But mom had to go out for a short while to buy something. She left him with uncle and auntie. He just stood by the balcony door looking down as he could see the road from there. He didn’t budge the whole time and didn’t cry at all. The moment mom walked in the door, he wailed and stuck on to mom like a koala and cried and cried,,,,,poor little boy. He thought he was abandoned!

History : My First Born 3rd Year

First Concert

I was informed of the concert quite late and I thought it was nothing as I was not informed that he will be participating. In fact I was doubtful that he would be involved since he’s the youngest in his class. We arrived late but the teacher quickly pulled him in and he was standing in front of the group. Then they began the first song. I could actually see him singing according to the timing and with hand actions too! I was so proud that I had tears welled up in my eyes! My little Kieran could actually stand still for 3 songs and singing them accordingly too!


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