My princess-My cheeky girl

As I was busy blogging and enjoying my Hyun Bin online last night, I missed out kissing my kids before they went to bed, I couldn’t help picking up my little princess from her cot and giving her a kiss. But oooppss…the moment I picked her up, she woke up. The moment I put her back in the cot, she cried! Picked her up again and gave her some water but she refused to get back to bed. Wanted to play instead! Can hear daddy grumbling already as he gets really worked up at a situation like this. Actually, anyone who gets disturbed from a deep sleep would react lor..sorry daddy,,,Yes it was 2am already and lil’princess was climbing up and down our bed gurgling and giggling too! Daddy couldn’t take it as lil’princess kept pressing his body! He got up and kept scolding me, “It’s all your fault mommy! You woke her up..why did u wake her????” hahahaha…really it was quite funny and at the same time not so lor since it’s like hello!! sleeping time! I was quite tired too, so I actually fell asleep despite her crying. Daddy was so fed up he nearly wanted to throw her outside but I said if he threw her out, he has to go out too! No lar,,daddy just acting up only! He tried to oi oi her back to sleep but she still couldn’t fall asleep even with her fave comfort pillow, Samshika! I think she only fell back asleep after 4 am!!!!!!! Sorry again…but lil’princess is really a more difficult child compared to her ko ko. I kept reminding daddy, stop grumbling, she will grow up so fast, you’ll miss having her in between us! ohhhhhhhh so sad…I’m already feeling it with the boy as he’s growing up so fast and he doesn’t like to be kissed anymore….sob sob sob…………….


2 responses to “My princess-My cheeky girl

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