Smuggling Laundry Chemical

It’s always difficult to transport our laundry chemicals via air. It’s not like it’s some highly inflamable chemical but somehow they do not pass the air travel standards. So, sometimes it makes it difficult when we want to do demo in places where we need to travel via air as we need only small quantities of the various chemicals.

So that day my colleague was suggesting maybe we store it in our mineral water bottles and if the custom officers were to ask what the liquid is then he would say it’s herbal tea. Then the other colleague said, “Aiya, what if the officer ask you to drink it in front of him??” Then I said, “Hmm..tell the officer that it’s not the right time to drink the tea now. But if the officer insists, no choice la. Drink then immediately vomit in front of him and say, see told you not right time, now vomit already!” Great idea or not?? I don’t think so….


3 responses to “Smuggling Laundry Chemical

  1. MyLittleChampion

    wuarharharharha… this never fails to make me laught *ROTF….*

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