My Baby has grown up so fast….

As I walked up to my son’s bed yesterday, he was already fast asleep, thanks to Daddy o-gain. Gave him a peck on the cheek and suddenly I was overcome with emotion. All the running around and worrying which school would accept him, I realised that he’s all grown up and is about to enter Standard One next year, which is just 6 months away. I told daddy, “Just imagine him in the school uniform and the giant bag…”, ooooohhh I suddenly began to tear and kept saying, “My baby, my baby….I miss my baby…” And daddy had to spoil the moment and said this, “Want to have another one??” Gosh, men just need to learn to just shut up and say nothing at situations like these! Why don’t they learn? Or rather why doesn’t he learn???

Oh by the way, remember I was worrying (actually still worried) which school is going to accept my son, I now have a situation where there are 2 very good schools where we have assured places, both not from my original first option but nevertheless very renowned schools. The slight problem is that both schools are not strategically located near us; one in PJ and one in KL but still at manageable distances. Actually both are located in quite heavy traffic areas but we have decided on the PJ one…Thank God for answered prayers!


6 responses to “My Baby has grown up so fast….

  1. MyLittleChampion

    aawwww….its amazing how fast they grow and alot of times, we missed out on those moment… muaaksss muaaksss more to compensate lor!!

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  4. Great LAmah!

    I have finally found time to browse through all your postings. Glad that you have this addiction to blog. I am still blogging and yapping over my kids. Seems like some of your `friends’ are also my followers… I get very anxious of how my blog `floated’.Have a good day and don’t get so worked up..relax babe…

  5. hahahah

    they never let go of any opportunities…

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