Car Problems

While I was sending back the boy from music class last Wednesday, my car went over a bump and suddenly the engine warning light came up. Oh gawd…what now?? I have never mentioned about my car eh? Yes it’s the pits and I totally regretted buying this monster as it has given me countless headaches and very expensive repairs/replacement of parts since the warranty was over 3 years back. Each time I drive this car into my regular workshop, my mechanic just looks at me sympathetically and ask, what’s the problem now?? Sell la! Change car la!.. Ayo who doesn’t know my mother is a woman??

So, I am warning all of you, do not ever contemplate buying this car, it’s a HYUNDAI TRAJET (the KOREAN product that I hate) which cost me a bomb too, yes I bought this car before the Naza Ria was introduced and all the better and much cheaper MPVs in the market now, e.g. Avanza, Innova..etc! I can’t even sell this car as nobody would ever be interested in buying it and can you imagine this, I have left this car unlocked a few times, once in a shopping mall and nobody even attempted to come in and help themselves with car or contents for that matter! Ayo..this car is that bad lor!


One response to “Car Problems

  1. Really? I currently plan to buy one, it is so cheap right now with OTR of 85K++. They seller said that they are clearing the 2005 stocks. Hmm.. I got quite a number of good reviews in forums.. I heard NAZA Ria got overheating problem too.. which one to buy??

    no matter what, don’t buy korean MPVs the smaller cars are ok but MPV u better go for the Japanese brands…trust me…

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