Standard 1 D

Wah I woke up 7 early 8 early to beat the jam and managed to reach the school to be the third person in the line. Surprisingly, there are not many people. Hmm,,,that was kind of strange. The other 2 parents’ kids were on the list already.

They took the birth certificate and stamped it accordingly as “Pendaftaran Lewat” (late registration) but still “Disahkan” (Confirmed). Didn’t even bother to ask for the utilities bill to verify address! (The thought of me having to spend the whole afternoon with the uncle and aunty for that purpose made me really frust lor). Then just took the birth cert to another clerk to get the class. That clerk also another cincai bocai (very casual) girl, didn’t even check the forms properly and started putting my son’s name on the classroom list, I had to correct her spelling somemore (can’t even copy properly la) and then she told it’s done, you can go!

Me – Err..itu sahaja ah? Tak ada apa-apa verification ke? (Is that it? Anything to verify the registration?)

Clerk – Itu sajala, boleh balik. (That’s all, you can go)

Me – (Noticed the green cards, I think it’s a Student ID) Apa itu? (What’s that)

Clerk – Oh ya..(she took the card and wanted to write my son’s name and I stopped her)

Me – Hey itu Class 1 C la! (I already noticed that she registered Kieran in Class 1 D)

Clerk – Oh ya..hahahhaha..aiya mana card 1 D ah?? (Where’s my 1 D cards??)

Me – (Fainted!) Itu la dia! (That’s the one, pointing at the cards on her colleague’s desk, they actually mixed up the cards! Gosh!)

So, that’s it! So simple, for all the stress I been through last week, this was like one very casual and easygoing registration!


3 responses to “Standard 1 D

  1. Wow.. already registered your boy in primary school?

    I heard nowadays you have to register them real early right?

  2. Hi Zara’s mama,

    Yes, supposed to register 2 years before they are due to attend Standard One. Govt announces date to register usually on Radio. Should be around February. So keep a lookout then!

  3. dragonmummy

    Ooh..reading abt your experience in school registration, it send my hear thumping real fast. Wondering if there are lot more of the unknowns. Thought it’s simple procedure, bring the utilities bills, particular to the school of your choice on March of the year of kids turn 5 and register, isn’t that it? Can share more of your experience ah? Like when you started, what problem you face? Going to register my girl next March in a chinese school in Subang..

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