Who still keeps their uni notes?

I was talking to my friend this morning while she was busy packing. She is moving to Jakarta. Her hubby has moved jobs like from Singapore to Bangkok back to KL and now to Jakarta. Yes she has been a nomad moving from one place to another over the past 9 years!

She – Ayo, so sien la this packing.

Me – This is not ur 1st time wat, aren’t u like used to this?

She – Yah but this time it’s like more things cos this is like home country wat

Me – Ha ha ha..true true..

She – It’s so hard to decide which to throw away or keep at my mom’s. And oh ya, I have this bunch of my uni notes..

Me – (fainted!) WHAT?!?!? You still keeping your uni notes?? You mean you actually shipped them back from UK? Gila la…(crazy..)Like who else on this earth still keep their uni notes like after more than 10 years??

She – Hey, yah,,,didn’t you bring back yours? Spent a lot of money to get those notes leh…

Me – Hey isn’t that supposed to be your dad’s line.. (her dad gets upset when she moves as she will not be working and he feels that the education is like wasted..)

She – Ayo My hubby also still keeping his notes leh..

Me – (Double fainted..) You guys are really “sky born one pair” (translate direct to cantonese)…what a great pair they make..


2 responses to “Who still keeps their uni notes?

  1. flowsnowhttp://www.flowsnow.jambav.com

    What uni notes??? oh man..I even forgotten I went to uni! LOL. Did I pass after all? ……

  2. MyLittleChampion

    wuarharharhar.. me no uni notes but college note kira ar not? keep la, you’ll never know when you will need it ma… and i keep it at my mom’s place LOL so no problem-o!

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