Today ah,,my maid made me sooooooooooooooooooooooo mad, I just screamed…spreechless ma…ayo! You think have maid damn great ah, you wanna commit suicide but dun want fast one, then you get a maid la…sure die one..but slow slow la…

Asked her to make “yee mee” soup for lunch today, and guess what she made? She made the soup but boiled rice instead!!!!!!!! Can you beat that?? End up I had to help out and delayed feeding my lil hungry princess. Wah don’t play play man, really cannot delay feeding her lor..dahsyat! She was making so much noise and we cannot delay putting food in her mouth cos she will marah!!!!!

And then you know what happened to my mom’s new maid? She was cleaning something standing on a ladder and she fell down and FAINTED! Literally fainted lor and was admitted to hospital for observation for one day!

I tell you ah these maids, just give you problems only and the best part or worst part is you have to pay and feed them!!



  1. flowsnow

    Oh dear laundryamah….you sure have lots of `hell’ from maids. One after another….well I can’t add much. Just give and take dear, sometimes things just happens. As long as they are `reasonable’, I think you should just keep one eye closed, otherwise every other day if not everyday you will be boiling inside you! My maid is sometimes like that too even having been working for me coming 5 years! Sometimes it’s worse having one that’s so familiar with the routine that she thinks she is Queen – or more like she is the employer and I am the maid! If you know what I mean. Again to relate to the silly incident, mine was overzealous to help my youngest son’s problem with his frequent nose bleed that when I mentioned about getting the Lotus root and squeezing the juice for him to drink, she literally did that `raw’ and wanted to serve it to him! Oh man! She didn’t even ask me how or what to do with it but did it herself like she is a smart alex! Anyway, when I related the incident to my husband in the hypermarket she was embarassed because I said it so loud in public that she walked away sulking and turned back and answered me back! I can imagine if it was you in my position you would have `hentam’ her left right and centre but I just gave her my fart face. I would have fired her back but again I was too tired and anyway, will it make a difference or change her since this is not the first time she did it! But when I fire, hell breaks loose and she will regret even being born!

    As for your daughter, don’t be scared la….she won’t die of starvation..I know the yelling is stressful, again in life she has to learn that she has to wait… choice! Cry a bit won’t die one la! I do that with my youngest, since I am fed up of all the yelling and crying non stop from both of them one after another. Sometimes `boh pian’….just become `Autistic’ and have selective hearing.

  2. Hehehe tats why i dun take full time maid. All I have to complaint about my part time indon maid is…she can’t stop calling me “Ah Moi”!.

  3. Maid?? Can’t live with them.. can’t live w/ou them.. sigh.

  4. wah how to get part time indon maid? legal or not?? hehehe..

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