I went to the O & G today to have my yearly check up and pap smear (yucks but must do la) and the doctor again asked me about my choice of contraceptive..hmm..not my favourite topic but still must address lor..

You see, I don’t think I will be able to have another kid as I was a diabetic during my last pregnancy. It was really scary and stressful as my sugar level was dangerously high throughout and I had to jab insulin before my meals and also prick my finger to test the blood sugar level twice,i.e. before and after each meal. So I don’t think I will be able to go through another pregnancy…

I was talking to a friend yesterday and she mentioned that my contraceptive method is really dangerous and my doctor echoes that and said that it’s 40% safe while condoms are 60% safe. Ok la, but the thought of taking the pill is so leceh la…I can’t even remember to take my calcium/vitamin pills daily how to remember the pill leh..The doctor then gave me a few other options but really I can’t make up my mind la…


8 responses to “Contraceptives

  1. flowsnow

    Now I have to think twice when making love..LOL. I risk getting pregnant! And I sure don’t want another kid!

  2. You shud try Yasmin pills. I’m taking it now. As long as you don’t miss your pills, its okay. Put it somewhere you can see everyday, e.g. in toilet next to your toothbrush or like me, set handfone alarm lo.Many ppl out there dunno the fact about contraceptive pills. They believe myths like “not good” la, “cannot get preg next time” and blablabla. Ppl have R&D wan ma..improved already la!

  3. mommy of two angels

    are u sure condom only 60%!! aiyooo dangerous man!

  4. 40% safe? You must be using either the withdrawal method or mucus method..

    Be very careful. One of my friend got pregnant using this method, when her youngest kid was already 7yrs old.

    The best option w/out pill, or implant.. NO SEX.. hahahaha.

  5. Flowsnow – aiya do at the time when you are not fertile la..but then again…hehehe

    Sasha – actually i hate popping pills..makes me wanna vomit one..

    2 angels – Yes la very dangerous quality control on the condom chuin loong how??

    Zara’s mom – Yes..u so clever..will not take this risk o-gain!!!

  6. flowsnow

    Mm…..I think I opt for no sex. LOL…..safer than be sorry. BJBJBJBJBJBJBJ….oh man..i am so gross…..ewwwww

  7. MyLittleChampion

    agree!! raise both hands and legs… NO SEX! HEHE, opt for less hassle contraceptive lor… i think condom ok la.. but branded ones la. call me ah, i recommend you….

  8. That pill so tiny la…
    No sex: Liddat have to shave head lor and be a vegetarian. Hehehe

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