New Piano!!

Ahh..the piano is here finally…so “new toilet” la..Here’s a clip of Kieran trying it out. Actually it’s not ready for playing as the piano dealer told me it has to be tuned to constant pitch. Alamak, never heard of that before. According to Kieran’s music school principal, the piano must be tuned that way otherwise the hearing will be destroyed! Wah so serious one ah…whatever la…


3 responses to “New Piano!!

  1. MyLittleChampion

    aawww, dont you just love how his little fingers move on top of those white and black keys? play more… aunty angeline like it!

  2. mommy of two angels

    wow…what kind of tuning is technical wan? hearing also can go koyak ah? serious business!

  3. nicktay

    wah….another cute clip 🙂

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