Whiningitis?? Yes it’s a condition where the kid likes to whine and whine and whine..Sadly my son suffers from this condition and there’s no vaccine for it. Teruk (terrible)or not? Each time he whines, daddy will whine too! So can you guess where my son inherited this dreaded disease? I think it’s worse than diabetes!

My son whines from the start of the day till the end even when he’s about to go to sleep…aiyerrrr..so irritating..

Waking up time – emmmmmmmmm so tired..i wanna sleep…emmmmmmm

Breakfast time –

(when we prepare egg for breakfast) arrhhhhhh…why u give me egg?? always egg…i want bread
(when we prepare bread) arrhhhhhh…why u give me bread?? I want cereal…and so on and so forth…

School – lunch time drama – thankfully I don’t have to endure the drama as he’s with grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinner time –

mummy…why baby can eat outside? i want to eat outside..
mummy…why i must eat rice?
mummy…why no fan??
mummy…why we eat here? etc etc etc…

Homework time
Daddy…after i finish i want ice cream…
Daddy..so itchy..got mosquito bite me..Daddy – where? Kieran – here..here..

Getting ready for bed time –
kakak….why you put my toothbrush liddat…i dun wan..
daddy….bla bla bla bla bla…

Sei mo?? (Die or not?)

Here’s another one of his symptoms of whiningitis, insists of sitting in mei mei’s stroller.


9 responses to “Whiningitis

  1. nicktayhttp://the-reflector.com

    hEHE..I really enjoy your blog đŸ˜› I think all kids suffer from some level of Whiningtis

  2. hey Nick..so free to read my nonsense ah..hahaha

  3. Aiyo.. the older they get.. they become whinier ah?

  4. MyLittleChampion

    so cute la yr son… nvm la, my son is showing signs of this whiningitis already… like the breakfast time hehe…

  5. yes the older he gets the whinier he becomes, actually come to think of it ya,,especially after mei mei arrived..just this evening he was whining o-gain…when mei mei is just trying to join in the fun when he was playing with his building blocks.

  6. Well, i think kids purposely wanna make our lives so hectic and pening…so that u’ll miss them so much when u don’t hear thier voice. Mine is only 4 months old…but also started to bising edi..

  7. mommy of two angels

    this is funny!! and sooo true…

  8. flowsnowhttp://www.flowsnow.jambav.com

    Muhahahha ( my trademark laugh!). Mine….is even worse because both can’t talk! So you can imagine the prayer sessions I have to endure every minute!

  9. Whiningitis? Lol! Anyone who can find a cure to this would be rich!

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