First Photo Editing Task

Ayo this has become more and more exciting and challenging for one laundry ah soh cos now I’ve ventured into photo editing! Here’s my first result. Some of you may know oledi, as I work in the same office as Oscar’s mommy and here is a picture of our desks. We are actually sitting facing each other. This is the normal 365 days look of our desks…yes la..very messy and our other colleague always say this, “So many things until cannot see the wood on the desk lor..”


5 responses to “First Photo Editing Task

  1. MyLittleChampion

    waiseh man, you did it ah? scary ar not? where got 365 days? 300 odd days oni la.. the rest of the sixty over days can see abit wood la… wuarharharhar… well, you did the ‘BEFORE’ post, let me do the ‘AFTER’ post okie… but must do some spring cleaning first la… pls drop by my site later.. AKAN DATANG DI WEBSITE ANDA!

  2. Waisai…no joke man? Sorry yea..but u guys super women can work in a desk like this? Phew!!!

  3. super messy man! *pengsan*

  4. flowsnow

    What can I say? YOu are indeed super woman..Soon you can open your own one stop zone for everything under the sun – laundry – u need sun to dry the clothes, and photo – u need sun to take outdoor pics, kids – u need son to play with them outside…oh man….what else u haven’t done? sunbathing? Ah…now u must get a st of bikini!

  5. flowsnow

    wah…u are getting good in blogging, posting and editing now! Maybe next time u can teach me? Wah……u really have so much time….I tot I was nuts..u are even super duper woman!

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