Confinement Lady – Lucrative business

A friend who lives in Melbourne, Australia is asking me to help find a confinement lady/Pui Yuit for her. Alamak, otoke? (how la in Korean) (Solly,,me still very the like Korean shows..) She needs the CL/PY to go to Melbourne any good ones out there that can recommend to my friend? I didn’t use one and actually not a fan of CL/PY cos I don’t like them. Charge very high and I must listen to them! Cheh..but then again I talk so big cos my mom can help la, solly ah…

Oh I think my friend is due year end…


10 responses to “Confinement Lady – Lucrative business

  1. flowsnow

    Oh my! now even `recruit’ fr overseas? There is a confinement agency. Again recommendations are encouraged….I don’t know of any. It gets tricky coz, it will cost her a bomb..have to pay airfair….other stuff and their pay is also damn high!

  2. your friend would have to pay for her air fare. anyway, end of the year, quite difficult lor. good ones all snapped up oledi

  3. wuaah, import confinement lady. will contact you if there are interested ones.

  4. ya ya.. i know have to foot out everything la but since go so far the fee should be higher than here i know,,but any willing ones?? no choice la for her..

  5. This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

  6. Hi there,

    Did your friend up end up finding a confinement lady to help in Melbourne as I am looking for one?


  7. I am a confinement nanny who has 4 yrs experience in this job. My age is 50 years old & from Ipoh, Malaysia. Language spoken: English, Mandarin & B. Malaysia. Dialet: Cantonese, Hokkien & Hakka. Interested in cooking and adore babies.

    My resposibilities are to cook 3 meals plus snacks in between meals. Herbal soup & double boil chicken essence for the mothers to consume in the night. Bath, help to feed & taking care of the babies in the night.

    I encourage mothers to breastfeed. I will guide the new mothers how to breastfeed.

    This Year 2009 I already been booked for the month of Feb, May & June.

    If interested please contact me to book for begining of April and end July onwards.

    My contact no: +6012 5179748
    Email :

  8. Hi Jeannie,

    Are you available to come to Melbourne? If yes, how is the arrangement and payment like?


  9. Hi jeannie, are you available in august or immediate start? pls contact me on +61412358805 or email

  10. Hi Audrey, how was your experience with the confinement nanny? Did you fly her over from Malaysia to Melbourne? Any recommendations

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