Seeing Ghosts

Aiya, I didn’t want to write about my dream last Saturday but after reading 5XMom’s latest post, cannot resist lor.

I actually dreamt that I met the ghosts and actually had conversations with them. The dream started with me driving alone a dark road and it was natually raining also to like make it scarier..You know like those ghost movies on tv, with the smoky effect somemore..Then suddenly I saw ghosts along the roadside! I was like YIKES! But like still want to act cool cos I thought if I pretended I didn’t see them they will not kacau me la. Then the scene like changed and I was suddenly sitting at a deserted restaurant with someone but this someone has no face one lor..meaning I don’t remember who it is! Eh so strange, just now driving alone, now suddenly got eating partner! Screwed up screenplay! Then I was looking around and commented, ” Aiya no other customers one, like so weird..” Then the so-called eating partner said “Go and check out the kitchen la.” So I went la, then I saw one cook and he was preparing the ingredients. I saw sotong (squid) and it looked kinda fresh..strange..why sotong only..I also cannot understand. There was only one waiter and a cashier. Then suddenly there were health officers approaching the restaurant! Ok, this is really really stupid lor cos where got health officers come and do inspection at nite one..(again screenplay screwed up here). Then the officers wanted to take pictures of the place and also the staff too. I saw the waiter panicked and he came and pulled me aside.

W – Can help me out here. We can’t be in the photos..

Me – Why?

W – turns into the ghost (which I saw earlier!!!)

Me – (OMG!!! Hair standing on ends!! but couldn’t scream ..)

W – Pls..we can’t be in the photo, the photo will capture the ghost figures.. Pls can you help me by being the staff and tell the officer to take photo of you and your friend instead

Me – (Do I have a choice??) o-o-o-ok ok…

Then the health officers took a photo of us…and the dream ended…

When I woke up I was like scratching my head..aiyo what kind of a dream or rather nightmare is this?? And guess what my hubby said? Watched too much Sam Soon and reading blogs la! Tai sei.. (Serves you right) Why he mentioned Sam Soon cos of the restaurant scene..gila or not and the blog part…hmm quite true la cos the dream was after I read the post by Lin Peh on August 7, 2006! Eerriieee or not..of course cannot believe la cos I’m a Christian wat..cheh…


8 responses to “Seeing Ghosts

  1. 5xmom

    LOL, horror movie turned sitcom, very creative wor. Hahaha.

  2. flowsnow

    Wah…ghost dreams? Oh man..maybe too much Korean movies? Or even…..your lonely drive to Ipoh?………whoooooo……..whoooooooo… out `someone’ is behind you right now! Boo!

  3. aiyah…why ur ghost story so funny one šŸ˜›

  4. haha haha..always njoy reading ur blog. U’re Kim Sam Soon fan ah..actually that cd had been lying in my room for quite some time time to watch lah!:( When last time it show on tv, i just watch on & off.

  5. Aiyo.. only a dream.. wipe it out..

  6. mommy of two angels

    hahahah…this is sooo funny…i think u should start ur own sitcom production house.

  7. u read too much of 5xmom and lihpeh’s blog. hehe

    Why no piao mei and linpeh action wan? hahaha

  8. jazzmint – supposed to be scary wor..

    flowsnow – wey u not following my story lor, Ipoh was after my dream la..

    5xMom – this sitcom silap tangen lor, remember the health officer inspecting at nite…??!!

    Mommy – sure failure la cos of the silap tangen script!

    Zara’s mom – ya lor..

    Annie q – Watch Kim Sam Soon fast regrets one!

    Sasha – Ayo..lin peh & piao mei action XXX la!

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