Always asking for food

Many people say that when your child is always asking for food is because the mother did not have enough to eat when she was pregnant with the child. TRUE LOR! Cos when I was pregnant with Kylie, as I have mentioned before, I was on a very strict diet due to diabetics. I was always hungry but dare not eat as I was afraid it will affect my sugar level. Remember, I have to inject insulin before I better not snack la.

The result??


5 responses to “Always asking for food

  1. meal times must be fun for your little girl. know of some frens chasing after the child with a bowl of porridge and feeding time takes something like 1 hour.

  2. MyLittleChampion

    waliow.. website so cantik liow… canot.. must do like you liow… hehe

  3. oh yes the feeding is fast if not she will scream! bad side..she makes a mess everywhere!!

  4. ashley also always asks for food as though we dont feed her enough…but during my pregnancy..i ate and ate and ate

  5. nicktay

    your kids are soo cute la!!!

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