Do I look like a walking ATM?

An NCR interior, multi-function ATM in the USA
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Ok this is one long winded post, but me very “farn” (troubled) la…sorry la ahjooo..Sigh,,I dunno la. I guess it all started from my dad’s time…He was the eldest in the family and considered the most successful sibling since he started his own business. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not some big terror tycoon, just enough to get by la and give us comfortable lives and education.

Him being a good older brother, he provided for his siblings too. He naturally gave all his siblings a certain number of shares in the business without asking for anything in return. My dad, he’s that type of guy! Yau yi hei! (reliable)Did his sibings appreciate that? NO LOR! Instead they always demand for this and that, and my dad is always helping them out no matter what,in fact he always told us to do the same when he’s not here anymore. But I felt that we are not obliged to, am I really evil or mo yi hei to think liddat??

I don’t know,,anyway what’s the association of the above story to my title of this post? Well,one of my cousins treated me this way too, he was studying at that time and we were sort of helping out by giving him some allowance. He had in many occasions walked up my office and say that he needed cash without having the courtesy to call in advance. Like I always have cash with me la! Chi sin! (mad ah?)

Anyway, there are a few friends who came to me for money too, the 1st one, an ex-colleague, well we were quite close and sort of kept in contact after both of us left our employer. He came to my office one fine day and told me he had something going on and needed some cash to roll. Well, ok lor not much so I lend la…manatau (how I know) he totally forgot about it and never paid me back..(reminds me of the song..why u so liddat..i give u my kit kat..u never gimme back! why u so liddat..) I also felt funny to ask for it lor..stupid or not? The best part is, he still calls me once in a while to chit chat!!!

Next, was another ex-colleague from another company. We became very good friends then on and kept in contact very often. He became quite successful in his career but still remembered me and never failed to remember my birthday each year! Not that he likes me la, just a friend, even after I married and then he married, he was still a good friend. Then things took a turn and his business failed and he needed cash! *Ting*! Yes, he came to me, and asked for a substantial amount of loan. Ayo! I hate this la…how to refuse a friend like him? I relented but half the amount la. He told me he will return in 3 months,,but it has come to the 2nd year and he’s only returned 20% of the loan. I don’t chase for it la, knowing that he’s struggling but I also like need the cash too since I’m getting ready for my new house,,,

Then there was a staff (NP) of mine. The first week he came to work he already asked for a loan! Waliau! Well, at that point of time, business was not doing too well and I felt it would be inappropriate to loan to a new employee. What would the older employees be thinking then? So, I took out my own money and lent to him. He was working with us for about 5 years?? Can’t remember the facts, maybe Oscar’s mom can enlighten me here..And along the time he was with us, he has many times requested for short term loans in terms of advanced salary/commisions. We never charged any interests. In fact, we continued to help him even after he left us. In fact he asked for a loan again last week. This guy has a serious problem with his expenditure, normal la, spending more than he earns and practically lives on credit. He hasn’t even paid off his apartment, he bought another house. Even I haven’t even moved into the first house that me & hubby bought! So I thought, well I think no problem la can help but I told him it better not be for a new car! (I sort of know he was thinking of a new luxurious car some time back) He said no lar..he has a loan but he needs to settle another loan in order for the new loan to be drawndown. So I guess ok lor..

Then I was with my customer last Saturday (Chinatown)and we talked about NP. He used to service her in those days when he was working for me. I found out he also borrowed from her! God! He has borrowed from customers too..can you imagine?? Well she said she managed to recover the amount by chasing him like mad. Then she remarked about him not being grateful for the help rendered to him and how he manipulated his way out of paying her a commission for a sale she helped him solicitated..bla bla..Then *ting* *ting* which reminded me of something! AH! It was just last month or the month before, when I needed NP’s help desperately as we were shorthanded and he could help! I expected him to ask for a fee that is reasonable to cover for his transport and time but he asked for an over-the-mountain ridiculously high amount which made my eyes popped! I was furious naturally, and the reason behind that? He needed the extra cash! Wah treat me like sucker! Shiaks! man! What the *toot*..what happened to the many times he referred to us as his friends, the type who were there when in need…bluekkkkkkkkkkk! So…otoke? Don’t lend la! Like I owe him meh? I told him I would write the cheque for him this week but I didn’t call him to tell him I’ve changed my mind..hey..who’s the one in need here? Ok la..quite bad la me but today I “one head wind” (very busy), had to do laundry as maid is incompetent! I’m very fussy with my laundry…errr…can guess why ah?

Well, being the person he is, he called la..then I told him the reason which was kinda dumb lor and I knew he will sort of know it’s dumb, so he sent me one *toot* sms and was like “khau fun” (teaching me a lesson) me liddat! He said it was my perogative to approve the loan so weyo I pushed the blame to someone else..Yah like I must explain to him liddat! MY MONEY WAT! Fish la! Anyway, he could have at least said nicely la maybe I will change my mind leh? NOW!! Lei sei lei si ler..” (I don’t care).

So, me bad or not? I also not too sure…


11 responses to “Do I look like a walking ATM?

  1. they think you ‘lulu’.
    i have been a ‘lulu’ many times over. LOL

  2. ayo. so long winded. scrolling non stop. till my eyes’ swollen.

  3. MyLittleChampion

    hmm, well, i guess you being always soft hearted will eventually lend him the money lor.. but if he would have said it nicely over the phone instead of sms-ing la. don’t know la, i can’t comment cos i knew this person in and out and what the $$ is for too.

  4. wah NP so teruk huh…i’ve learnt from my mistake..never loan money to guy even ur own hubby kakaka..cause they always never return one..cilaka!! *but my hubby got return lah, so must not put him in my cilaka list :P*

  5. Waaa…what a damn people of him?? I think you’re too kind to people la, why everyone likes to ask for money from you. No no no…you must stay firmly and chase back all the money!

  6. flowsnow

    Oh man……can you lend me some money also? Word of advice sweetie, what you lend, don’t expect it returned. Just remember what you give is considered – charity. Believe me even the sweetesst talker can not pay you back. Even if he/she is `rich’ he/she will choose not to pay you back. That’s human nature. Christians are also the same. Believe me!! Someone borrowed money fr me once and I never got it back till *** knows 5 years later. He was apologetic but I charged a large sum of interest! Couldn’t give a damn! Not only borrowed and owe, has the nerve to also ask for more money to buy Christmas present and guess how much? RM1K! Fortunately at that time I was single…so got money. Now if you are lucky you get to eat my sandals! Phhhhht to bad rubbish.

  7. Nyonya – i think i really lu lu!

    Piggy – I told u ledi wat!

    Lil Champ – So otoke?

    Jazz – Ya! I never wanna give hubby any $$, I don’t ask from him he’s happy leow! hahaha

    Asley – I guess so,,but then ah friends very difficult ler,,same as relatives!

    Flow – Eh! u at the end got back the $$ wat?? Me yet to wor! boo hoo hoo hoo..

  8. My mom used to have this worker also borrowed money from her many many times. He also came to my hs to pinjam money from my grandma,brother, neighbour n our customer also.Later lagi teruk, he introduce hookers to our customer. My mom got rid of him, if not ppl will think that our place supply hookers…

  9. Pst.. can loan me RM1000 ah?? Since you walking ATM mah..

    Haha.. just kidding.

    I know how it feels.. I only have maid asking for loan.. luckily..

  10. Sasha – wah the hooker part damn chia latt! eeeeksss!!

    Zara mama- strange enuf maid hasn’t asked

  11. You are funny person. Nice but funny.

    You should never lend money. Either give the money away or dont give at all.

    Otherwise with money as the factor, always a relationship is hurt or destroyed.

    So stop giving money away lor. If u want to give.. i’ll send you my bank account! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway … just wanted to say that you site super entertaining. Fun to read.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep the blog rolling!

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