Cannot work with family

It’s so hard to work with family. Can’t quit each other ma. But then, how to work with one who constantly give you headache wan…Ayo, solly ah,,only Oscar’s mommy can understand my situation.

The fact is he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Why la? He’s supposed to be the smartest in the family, his knowledge in our industry is top notch therefore he’s the type where we classify as IQ high but EQ low to the pits leh..In fact his general knowledge also very “geng” (good) like why the bla bla salmon swim upstream to mate and lay eggs he also know lor..He potrays himself as so “clever” that his in-laws call him for the littlest thing like, get the locksmith to open the drawer and why astro no picture suddenly..etc etc…Die or not?

Whenever I complain about him to my friends, they will say this, “Aiya him again…what’s new, he always kek u wan la…aiya change subject la..” Sei mo?? (Die or not?) So poor Oscar’s mommy has to be my punching bag! Solly ah..but thanks for being a great punching bag lor…muaks muaks!!


6 responses to “Cannot work with family

  1. MyLittleChampion

    aiya ama, dont mention la. that is what frens are for ma. if he cannot change then we have to adapt to his style lor.. dont be so stress ok, you should enjoy what you do so whatever HE does, it will not matter. well, look at the bright side, he does give us a daily dose of general knowledge! hehe

  2. hahha….daily dose of lecture? =P

  3. agree with Oscar’s Mommy. pray for more patience lor. đŸ˜‰

  4. flowsnow

    well piggie, that’s life dearest. He is still blood and you can’t get rid of that fact! So you just have to live with it. Well at least you can blog about it but always with a notch of clarity, you don’t want to wash your dirty linens in public. Remember that! Ok?

  5. dun worry, u have others like us to listen to u…

  6. i kinda miss all your complains about him. Made me laugh.

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