Window advertising

Following a post by AhJoo regarding the live window models, I remembered one of Kieran’s many surprises he pulled some time ago. This is what happens when he gets too bored during of one of my many shopping sprees..I really do not know where he got this idea from..He did this again (too bad this one no picutre) at one of the boutiques in KL Plaza, the one that faces the walkway on Bintang Walk and he actually attracted a lot of people looking in and wondering why is a boy standing at the window of a womens clothing store..It was very funny lor cos he just stood there motionless with a very serious look on his face and didn’t react even when people were pointing at him and laughing…


4 responses to “Window advertising

  1. Emmm..little boy heading to be a potential model!

  2. ya, ya, ya, got potential la!

  3. Haha.. he can work for you.. modelling for your big washing machines.. 😛

  4. he is kwai lor, he can entertain himself, mine will never let us shop in peace.

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