A postcard for Kieran

Today very free..no need to go cell group, not that it’s not on but I know what they are doing today and I don’t have to be involved so…lazy lor..Which means..can blog la! kakakaka..

Last Sunday hubby went to Singapore and stayed the nite. He usually goes for overnite trips. This time he did something special for Kieran. He actually sent him a postcard. Weyo? Kieran is currently learning about post & stamps at kindy I think as he asked for a collection of stamps. So this prompted daddy to do this…so se–weet…


6 responses to “A postcard for Kieran

  1. flowsnowhttp://www.flowsnow.jambav.com

    Wah..skipping cell group? Don’t become like me hor…..you might have horns and tails soon. Wah didn’t know that kit can be so loving daddy……how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

  2. Your hubby is indeed sweet to write your boy a postcard!! Is that little Kylie on your slide show?? She’s absolutely adorable!! Can I pinch her cheeks?? 😛

    You attend cell? Me too. lol This week my cell is cancelled…. gotta go church to study the book of Genesis. Worse still, hor? lol

  3. flowsnow – ya lar once in a while skip nvm ler..kekekekeke..oh he can b too sweet at times…geli ler…yikes!

    helen – oh yes it’s kylie on the slide..hmmm i hv an issue when ppl pinch her cheeks..hahahha…she’s drooling a lot so pinch lagi drool?? hahahahahaha..oh ya when they cancel cell n hv gathering in church i usually skip! oh Genesis..tough..in fact old test books very hard to understand..eee…

  4. wahh so sweet lehh

  5. Wow, s-w-e-e-t daddy!

  6. Daddy is so thoughtful 🙂

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