Last minute lunch

I’ve not been to the market for 2 weeks now so not much choice of ingredients in the fridge. I don’t like to buy meat/fish from the supermarket unless it’s the imported ones la..So for lunch yesterdayI decided to make carbonara as we had bolognese last week. Sked my staff get bored with my food, so must come up with more variety la!

Actually I don’t have the proper recipe so cincai hantam la! ( simply cook).


Ingredients – Bombay onions (I ran out and used the red ones but turned out ok oso wor), Garlic, olive oil, spaghetti/fettucine etc (I only had spaghetti), cooking cream, potatoes, beef/pork bacon (anything la but I only had those so I added sausages too, the one with the cheese filling..really fattening…nevermind la..once in a while).


  • Chop onions & garlic
  • Cut bacon pieces into small tiny pieces & fry on pan (till crispy) without any oil cos the bacon oredi so fat, in fact it produced enough oil to fry another dish but yucks la..i throw! eeeee..
  • Boil potatoes before hand and mash it.
  • Fry onions & garlic with olive oil on pan till fragrant.
  • Add in mashed potato and then cream. Then add in the meat stuff (but in my case I didn’t have any) or the fried sausages.
  • Add water as required and then corn flour solution to thicken the gravy (may not be needed since there’s the mashed potato).
  • Finally after it’s done, add in the crispy bacon pieces.
  • Pour over spaghetti/fettucine.

Simple or not?? Turned out not bad oso wor! But then again…very zhai..(jelat/stuffed!)


One response to “Last minute lunch

  1. do you know why no one commented??? becoz it dun look good lor… “vomit” yikes!

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