Nasi Lemak today

Wah in the mood to post about food I made nasi lemak for lunch and it took me almost 2 hours plus man! Waliau, at times like these, I think of my mom’s previous maid who’s work for her for 8 years+. Anytime we want to eat food like nasi lemak (hard and time consuming preparation type of food) we can just tell her and wala…here it is and it tasted darn good also! Of course la, she was well trained by my dad ma… But she’s become too “powderful” as she was very efficient. I think she’s been a 2 headed snake too, as we never had a maid who could work long when she’s around! Don’t know what she tells them…She also had the goldenfinger, most of time putting us in hot soup with mom…e.g.

Mom – who did that?

Maid – your son/daughter/daughter-in-law etc la…

And the worst part is, mom believes her all the time! PUI!

Anyway back to my nasi lemak, aiya long time no cook, didn’t turn out that good but edible la..looks good on photo tho,,,kekekeke


9 responses to “Nasi Lemak today

  1. wah! reading ur blog at this hour, make me so hungry lei..supper time!Yummy! Nasi lemak n my all time favourite – spaghetti!

  2. really makes me hungry!

  3. flowsnow

    Oh man….got time to arrange fork and spoon and taking photos also wa………you should work consider photo journalism…take snap shots…I better becareful…you might post my picture in the net! Kekeke…

  4. MyLittleChampion

    wuarharharhar… you really posted it ah? hungry la now.. nasi lemak got leftover still?

  5. annie & Nyonya – hahaha..that’s how other ppl’s food blogs make me feel too kakakakaka…

    flowsnow – aiya the arrangement not i do lor…oscar’s mummy la..n my photography so lauya dare not take ur pic la..must learn from ya

    oscar’s mum – of course la! eh still got leh!

  6. yum yum…love nasi lemak

  7. I really hope i can have a plate of nasi lemak now!!

  8. looks really really good……hungry……..

  9. I miss nasi lemak!!

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