LaundryAmah: My Neverending Shopping Spree..Part 2

Ok eating up my words again..gone with the vow of no more shopping for sure….eh how to resist leh..they had like cut the prices again at Zara so how to resist?? Cannot lor and summore I went in while family waiting to enter the restaurant for dinner. I thought, aiya don’t waste time standing in front of the restaurant so I went to c c look look ler..sekali saw the sale was still on, masuk la! (went in). Wah in that short few minutes (hubby called me to tell that they were tabled and asked me to hurry up, I told him to order for me 1st, muahahahaha) and then like in speed of lightning managed to try on and bought something! kakakaka…way to go laundryamah!

As if not enough, went again after dinner and of course bought somemore..

LaundryAmah: My Neverending Shopping Spree..


11 responses to “LaundryAmah: My Neverending Shopping Spree..Part 2

  1. flowsnow

    Oh man gal, no wonder the shops get rich with people like you…..muhahaha….enjoy while stocks last!

  2. flowsnow

    Darling dear, I noticed you use a lot of `slangs’ . Let me introduce to you a link that might be useful to some of your readers and also to add on some humour to your life :
    or alternatively
    I think you will like this `singlish dictionary’. Have fun.

  3. wah….HK zara sale oredi habis end of July…..

  4. really like Zara huh?
    Now i think you are already become Laundry-Pretty-Aunty!

  5. MyLittleChampion

    wuarharharhar, you must really eat yr words cos you so loud loud told me no shopping! ngek ngek ngek…

  6. syiok huh..I never buy zara clothes before, I think they are a bit expensive lehh…I like MNG though, but when I see the long queue, I shake head.

  7. mommy of two angels

    expected la..hehhehe…must tie ur hands and keep ur wallet away from u la!

  8. flowsnow-eh buy only during sale ma..

    john-aiya now it’s still mega sale till sept3 sell all the remains la but then they r still very stingy with the markdowns..

    asley-yah me major fan of Zara..only during sale la! trying to b pritty lor if not ppl say i “wong meen por”

    lil champ-hehehehe after this mega sale no more buying lor…errrrr…

    jazz-eh during sale ok wor! but then only got limited sizes ler but for fei por like got plenty!kakakaka..

    2angels-yes pls confiscate my cards!!!!!!!!!

  9. solly typo error above..for jazz-should be….but for fei por like ME got plenty!….

  10. Waaaa, the mega sale is still on ar?? lol

    Show us your loot lar….

  11. Zara got sales meh?? Aiyo..

    I missed it liao.. I like the clothes there for kids.

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