Let’s go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do…

Hey remember this song, “let’s go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do and the food is finger licking good…” the old KFC song but now the restaurant has been replaced with Marrybrown Chicken pulak..ok la can also…

Anyway, we went to the zoo last Saturday. Supposedly to have Oscar & mum joining us but Oscar was still not feeling well so better not go..so sad…

So..with the ding dong ding dong in the morning, (had to go to market first cos seriously…nothing left in the fridge..no more!! zilch!) we arrived at the zoo quite late about 11 plus morning. Wah the queue was like so long ledi…

Wah the sun was like going to melt you to jelly liddat lor..my poor lil princess was soaking wet before we even entered the zoo. But Kieran was so excited about this trip (notice his plastic camera grin on photos) eventhough he was sweating too. Him being the usual whinner would have complained but because it’s the zoo…he kept quiet! He just loves coming to the zoo..even Kylie seems to have enjoyed herself. She was supposed to be sleeping by then but she stayed up till 2.00p.m.! She pointed at the animals and said “oooo… ooo..” l actuallly taught her how to make the sound of a lion, she goes “arrggghh…” opening her mouth so big and has a vicious look! Unfortunately, by the time we reached the lion’s den she was fast alseep! Too bad…

We actually walked around the whole zoo without hopping on the train cos the queue was so darn long. But Kieran insisted must go on the train so after we finished watching the elephant show, daddy went with him on the train ride while we relaxed in the air-conditioned room sponsored by Ribena..cool!

Video coming up..wah i had a footage of the ostridge doing his big business lor…so ewwwwwwwwww….


3 responses to “Let’s go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do…

  1. ha ha very fake la kieran’s smile.. aiyo so hot la..

  2. donkey years since i last been to the zoo. i’m sure your whole family had a great time there.

  3. My hubby always wants to go to the zoo.. but I really can’t stand the heat of Malaysian sun.. so far already been 3 times and each time it almost melt me.

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