Upgrade To Beta

This is just too exciting for one laundryahSoh..too much to handle for me leow…budden o-gain..this is fun! kakakakaka…hopefully can make the site pritty pritty…& more exciting..


11 responses to “Upgrade To Beta

  1. vely pritty liow lor.. hepi to know you kept yr self hepi with this blogging.. dont want to see you always stress with our engineer. this blogging like i told you earlier, its good for ranting and grumbling… keep it coming!

  2. flowsnowwww.flowsnow.jambav.com

    wah..almost like `lau sai’ liao….muhahahhaha….beta version…you are so IT geek. Put me to shame. I am going backwards…hey check out my Tshirt….want to buy it? If there is good response..I will get them printed out. LOL. See I just made u flip off your chair!

  3. I like the colour of your template, nice change 🙂 As for me, lazy to change 😀 What else is new?

  4. mommy of two angels

    wei…i just start blogging and now u guys upgrading la…change site la…what is this? how to catch up woh….so terror mer-na-roh!! slowly can or not…so canggih fite…i now learn to crawl…u want to do long jump!

  5. welcome to the beta world. Kinda easy to use right? But cannot do much with the layout and background..hmmmm

  6. I am more blur than you. What beta??

    Yes, your blog is indeed very pretty now. lol

  7. Welcome to beta!

    I’m currently in beta but i’m not dare to upgrade my template. I still prefering to edit the HTML by myself!

  8. hey I thought u going for WP instead of beta?

  9. Jesslynjesslyn.wordpress.com

    You are lucky! My blog gone after I made the move…now move to WP.

  10. mom2ashleyhttp://www.mom2ashley.com/blog

    wah…it;s exciting yea playing around with the new layout…

  11. oscarmum-aiya,,not really that priti ler…trying to get there,,thks for your help! kakaka

    flowsnow-aiya this beta supposed to be easier to use for IT bodoh-fied ppl like me!

    imomsdaughter-wah me still exploring ler..still very blur..thanks to oscar mum only can change the template..

    2angels-yah,,slow slow ler u will get there one,,as long keep posting blogspot can recognise u as regular then will invite for beta

    sasha-i’m told beta is supposed to be easier to use but i’ve yet to fully explore leh,,time will tell

    helen-eh pai seh thk q thk q..u so clever blogger cannot say liddat ler..i got a lot to learn from experienced bloggers like u leh! beta is new system blogspot is introducing to help not so computer savvy ppl one..

    hui sia-ya ler changing the template part is scary so i dare not close the old template during the process just in case..

    jazz-oh yah WP i keep for another blog la..still thinking..very greedy hor..

    jesslyn-omigosh! so chialatt! should hv kept a copy..

    mom2ashley-yes exciting but can get a bit scary! if have weak heart better not do so much!

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