Do you LISTEN or just HEAR ??

How rude can somebody be? I really cannot tahan (tolerate) those people who keeps cutting in and don’t give you a chance to talk. Have you come across this type of people?

Well, since I’m in the sales line, I’m most “fortunate” to come across this type of people. They claim that they they are not well versed in laundry and then they keep cutting in when I try to explain..HALLO! How the “L” are you going to understand if you do not listen? One very important factor is when one DOES NOT LISTEN. Hearing is one thing but LISTENING is another thing.

So because that person did not listen to what I said, he misinterpreted my intentions and went around accusing me of all sorts! Gosh! Moreover, he kept saying that his company is so big and famous bla bla bla…but so what? At the end of the day big or small, they have to pay for what is given to them, even information. I know of big companies which spent millions on consultation fees but I am only asking for a miserable amount to cover my costs only and they refuse to pay and accuse me of threatening them and forcing them to buy my machine. Wah! How to force somebody to buy huh? Can teach ah? So easy, just force people to buy and if that can work I am multi millionaire by now ler…

This actually happens in a marriage too…when we communicate, it means talking and listening..but most of the time either party is talking too much and/or not much listening which leads to arguments and worse still..divorse..agree or not??


12 responses to “Do you LISTEN or just HEAR ??

  1. hahha…yups i can so understand how u feel…

    these people are so annoying..

  2. Amah, your blog is an undeniably accurate reflection of how you are in real life: absolutely incorrigible! Love the sliding photo thingamajig, by the way. Haven’t seen your kids in such a long time, I forgot what good-lookers they are until now! Aiya amah, when you free la? [in snotty English accent] Fancy getting together for a spot of tea? Or kopi or some grub…

  3. ah joo-yah sooooo annoying…

    willow-amah!i went to your blog thru ur bro’s but it’s so unupdated ler! of course lets yum char!

  4. agree with you, if one just hear but doesn’t listen, it takes a mile to get that person to understand. Firstly, are they willing to hear or not, maybe ears oredi sumbat can’t even hear hahaha

  5. mom2ashley

    yes definitely came across those type of ppl…

  6. Got 2 types of listening.
    1. Listen to argue
    2. Listen to understand.

    Probably yr customer the 3rd type..don’t listen and argue.

  7. u know how annoying it is when u try to explain “A” and they answer “B” a totally different thingy! CIS!!!

  8. These kind of people hardly got true friends. Sad.


    I know! I know coz I always tok and some people don’t listen. My son in particular don’t listen. He has ears but don’t use them to listen. Second husband is equally the same. He hears but don’t listen or choose not to listen. People like the `d*** head’ of your clients are the typical people who lacks the skill to listen because they don’t know how. Yes I know the feeling of having your conversation being `barged’ in the middle!! It’s a skill you know one has to learn but how many willing to learn?

  10. Never met this sort of people so lead me don’t know how to react when comes to the relevant situation.

  11. if only everybody listens, there will be no wars liao. 😉

  12. jazz-actually ears sumbat cud b a problem to many ppl..hehehe..must go for the candle wax thingy

    mom2ashley-irritating hor?

    sasha-wow ya! definitely 3!

    ricket-maybe these ppl selectively listens leh..

    flowsnow-ya lor..die or not..this skill i must learn from you..i guess there’s a way to go around it like changing to a subject that may interest them to cool off first…but then all irritated leow how to leh..

    huisia-oh you blessed gal!

    nyonya-yah man!

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