We had visitors today

Since it’s a holiday and I don’t feel like going out to spend any more $$ so do what? Blog & surf the net la! Then Flowsnow came online and we chatted. I invited her and family over for lunch. Ah..since long time no see also..it’s always great to catch up with friends. I noticed that Whitehorse was very well behaved the whole time he was here! I say, Flowsnow, you really did a good job..keep it up!

As usual, Flowsnow brought her terrer canggih camera to take photos of my lil princess! Hmm..dunno why her camera always focused on my princess leh…does this mean she’s desperate to have a daughter herself?? hmmmm….

She took about 50 photos of her but it just took too long for her to transfer over so she sent one first.


8 responses to “We had visitors today

  1. oh my god… kylie is soooo cute. *muaks*… good to have friends over to catch up… flowsnow really did a good job so she really deserve this *clap clap*…

  2. comelnya, kylie.
    **muaks, muaks**

  3. LA,
    wah promoting my photography skill, huh? kekeke…..can hire ..only have to serve me tea. I have dloaded a few pics but will send to you private online viewing. Yes..quite desperate for dotter but what to do oleridi close shop but not zipped yet. Muhahahaha….

  4. wuahh!! cute and lovely little kids.
    *wink wink*. Hello cutie!!

    P/S: Many thanks for dropping by in my blog.

  5. So cutelah Kylie, caught in the act!

  6. Tha’s a nice pix..

    Maybe Flowsnow has targetted Kylie as her potential daugther in law leh?

  7. mom2ashleyhttp://www.mom2ashley.com/blog

    what a cute girl..and i like to kids suck their thumb!

  8. Hi all, yes Kylie was major sucking her thumb the whole time as she was holding on to her comfort bolster.

    Eh hemm..AceOne…this one not available yet…

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