Neverending Shopping Spree 3!!

Doomded! Just received my major long credit card statement still not sked one…still went shopping! And worse still yesterday I was cleaning up my shoes, sorting them and labled the boxes so I don’t have to search through to get the pair I want to wear..I tried counting and lost count even though I threw out like a million pairs!

Part of my collection (latest pair on top) wuahahahhaha…

Wah I found a few pairs that I actually forgotten I had them! There was this pair that was nicely inside the plastic wrappers inside the box and horrors of horrors…one of the shoe turned yellow while the other looks ok! Arrggghhhhhhhhh!!! Darn! Now how to wear them? Summore never wore before…shiaks! Then there was this pair of loafers..hmmm when did I buy them? Looks very new still but really can’t recall leh… So I decided to wear them today..BUT bad choice cos it caused this to my heel..

See the blister on my heel..and I was walking for like 500 m only…errr..from the car to my customer’s shop! Actually, I made appointment to go shopping with this customer of mine, I took her once to Zara shopping and she got addicted! This is the 4th or 5th time we went there in one month! Yes the sale is still ON! But since I got that choice got to buy shoe 1st! Just simply buy one cincai (simple) shoe and thank God only cost me RM29.98 after 70% off! kakakaka..

Then off to Zara..oh by the way, I got my hubby to wait for me as I didn’t drive so he was actually timing how long I spent inside Zara. I think I bought the most from this particular Zara sale..really chia kena jampi liddat! (got possessed to buy).

Pix Left – Part one of my loot…very happy cos the black pants was RM249.00 and I got it for RM59.90 only!!!

Pix Right – Pants for Kylie from Zara kids…so cute leh…scarf belt wor..


4 responses to “Neverending Shopping Spree 3!!

  1. ouchh… that must hurt bad.

  2. Ewwwww…that `ankle’ reminded me of my ugly wriggly toes! Shop addict. I think you must start a new blog on 1. shopping updates or where and what to buy – maybe fashion related for people like me! 2. all about cleaning products and laundry. Think about it.

  3. Wah! So much discount for the pants ah? I’ve never shopped at Zara wor, too expensive for melah 😦

  4. Wah! me & Juana combined force also don’t have so many pairs of shoes….

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