Toys Galore

Posting inspired by IMMomsDaughter! I was like woh! Mega envious how she managed to keep the toys so neat leh. Mom keeps nagging at me, “Stop buying the kids any more toys la..chi sin…” I bought so many toyogo boxes and all sorts to keep the toys and even attempted to sort them according to category recently, like cars in one box, soft toys in another n so on n so forth..but still it looks like this!
Actually there are more behind this picture but cannot get all in one..nevermind la..this picture I think enough to hak sei lei! (scare you). Actually this setting very difficult for kids to reach to the toys but no space la..can’t like line them around the room right? Ayo any suggestions??


10 responses to “Toys Galore

  1. wuah!! so many toys. When I was little, i only have a tricycle. Kids nowadays are so lucky. kekeke.. nit to stack it up ler. Those toys are meant for them to play.

  2. this is a happy home! 😉

  3. Tot you would post this as dicussed in our `meeting’. LOL. Suggestion: get one of those IKEA racks. They are good. I saw it at June’s home and they are all neatly stacked up in the Toyogo boxes. Cheap and durable and safe u space and looks `tidy’. Serious, you should get it. You can sort out the toys accordingly. After all the present lay out doesn’t really help your kid to look for the toys and it’s just a waste. Remember time flies fast and the grow up fast too. I tend to keep my toys away fearing it to be destroyed, than I realised they have out grown some already. So go and get the wooden shelves.!

  4. Having 2 kids always lead like this huh?!


    hey, this time I kalah lor! Too many!!!!!

    Open a temp store, sell or rent out! LOL

  6. wei… lidat i must ask oscar to come and ‘help’ play the toys also lor… he is quite bored with those at home ledi…

  7. wow that’s a lot of toys for 2 kids!! Time to get them a playroom maybe

  8. Wow, and I thot I had so many toys for my children. You beat me to it. Got to your blog from Jazzmint’s blog.

  9. U really championlah. Lol.

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