Section 17 Open Market

We send Kieran for his music group lessons on Saturday mornings and we have 2 hours to kill before we pick him up. So today we went to Section 17 to have breakfast and did some shopping there. Apparently the chicken is the cheapest there, especially the kampung (free-range) chickens. They have like one really long row of stalls after stalls just selling chickens! My mom purposely went all the way there to get the kampung chickens to cook for my confinement the last time.

We went round and round and couldn’t find a car park and was forced to park on the road shoulder near the houses. Then as I was approaching the market, I saw this, wonder not enough parking la…

I noticed there were a few car parks occupied by motorbikes pulak! Why so inconsiderate one..irrrritating..


3 responses to “Section 17 Open Market

  1. hehe yup the market there is quite neat huh..chicken, pork, fish all nicely lined up. I go there for my marketing too 🙂

  2. I miss Section 17 so much!
    There got one saloon quite good le..wash hair + massage only charged RM12!

  3. jazzmint-the fish not so nice wor..old town market better leh..

    huisia-huh? RM12 with massage not as good as the one I go to leh..RM15 set the hair summore! hehehehe…

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