Play Mates

Stopover at Mom of Two Angel’s place to deliver my laundry detergent..and here’s a pix of the girls..Ellisa is 2 months younger but Kylie is smaller in size…

When I was there, Ellisa’s mommy was not around and I noticed the maid sweeping the floor. She just swept the dirt out into the porch lor..wahliau..liddat no point sweeping right cos the wind can blow the dust back in the house o-gain rite??


3 responses to “Play Mates

  1. nasib baik you din see her washing clothes; if not you might just throw her in to tumble-dry. LOL

  2. I thought they have training how to do it before coming to M’sia to work.

  3. mommy of two angels

    aiyoo that’s not my maid…it’s my sis wan…i still waiting for my wan to come lo…

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