Beta What? Pui!

Ayo! I really regret switching to beta they don’t even allow me to comment in non-beta blogs! Non stop giving me headache la this beta..worse part is cannot go back to normal blogger wor! Sui mo??

Another thing is, when using Internet Explorer to view my blog my side menu bar totally jatuh dalam longkang liddat..(the side menu falls down below the posting page)..but when using Mozilla Firefox, no problem. But then hor, most of you guys using Internet Explorer otoke? (how??)

Boooooooooooo to blogger for inventing this beta..lured me in with those extra easy to use features…pui pui pui! Bluekkkkkkkkkkk!


9 responses to “Beta What? Pui!

  1. huh, i’m using non beta and firefox. hehehe..

  2. hey I can see ur blog OK in IE lehh

  3. Ya, beta has a lot of problems now! I also can’t leave comment in non-beta blogs.

    I signed up the beta but i never used their new function provided, i just beg them can relief me from the login problem asap!

    Yeah, most using IE, i use Firefox to upload picture to blogger only, though everyone said Firefox is good, but i still prefer IE!

  4. Aceone – lucky u! But hor..Firefox better ler..

    Jazzmint – I reduced the size of the Lilypie ler so that’s y ok now..

    Hui Sia-Hmm-after using Firefox I realised loading of sites is faster why go back to a slower alternative?hmmm

  5. LA,
    Yup, sometimes the size and even urls can affect the `outlook’ of your blog. So you need to be consistent. nvm la dear….just leave it unless you intend to create a new blog which is so le cheh….

  6. flowsnow-ya irrrritating…well cannot complain’s free after all! hahaha

  7. aiiikkkksss.s..otherwise why called beta? hehe….

  8. i just came back from hols and today only start to go ard reading blogs. Thier mother pants fall down ah…i oso cannot comment on other non beta user wor..*sigh*

  9. Except for the comment part, I still favour blogger. Have to be patient while they work out the prob.

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