Love Your Enemies??

Noticed today’s verse of the day, “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”
Luke 6:27-28 (NIV)

Wah this command memang (really) very hard to follow. I can forgive but forget is another thing..then I was challenged with the fact that if I don’t forget, have I really forgiven??

Why this is hard for me, not that I have a lot of enemies, just a lot of @#$!&! customers who take us for granted and then don’t pay us what they owe us! All the good things we have done for them is easily forgotten but they will remember every single minute flaw that we do or sometimes didn’t even do! Always complaining we are expensive bla bla bla..of course thing no good, good thing no cheap la! Aroso?

I don’t know why my industry seems to be liddat. Cannot increase price (even though petrol increased price leading to increased gas price and then leading to increased plastics price. Nightmare didn’t stop there cos electricity too increased like 30%) but always customer asking for discount lagi..My customers complain to me about their customers who scold them like they burnt their house liddat but it’s only over a garment that was spoiled. Sometimes it’s not even the fault of the washing, it’s the garment that is so $^$&#@ hard to wash.

Really, It’s so hard but once I felt that God was telling me like literally telling me that I should pray for this so & so customer of mine..I was like WHAT?? That #$%& customer wor? The one who claims he has no money to pay us but keeps opening outlet after outlet..and the wife like getting fatter and fatter until the insurance company also cannot insure her (classified obese)!! I was like, “God, please la…don’t do this to me ok, I already very good, didn’t curse them leow..weyo ask me to pray for them summore? Otoke??” But I know I must obey la…pray lor..but I think it was not sincere enough leh cos I’ve not settled with them yet, meaning they haven’t paid lor! Shiaks!

As if not enough of torture, we have another customer now breathing down our necks. Well, they have stopped using our product but still keeping the pumps. Where can, the condition for installing the pumps was that they buy our products at least once a year. However, they have stopped buying since more than 2 years ago! But when I asked him nicely for the permission of taking back the pumps he said ok and when my staff went there he said no! Wah,,,make me vely vely angry amah ok!! (one furious woman!) But God is great, because the computer board of his washing machine is not functioning properly so I had the opportunity to bring back the part with an excuse of repairing it. Hah! Now, that’s a lesson to learn for them, don’t play-play Laundryamah cos she will not let them sleep in peace…now I will not return the board to them unless they allow us to take back our property or at least pay for them if they want to keep them! Am I being fair or not? Was I being vengeful? I don’t know la..


7 responses to “Love Your Enemies??

  1. that obese woman till now no sound no picture wor after receiving our saman letter… its time for ‘big ear hole’ ledi…. grrrrrr

  2. God is listening.

  3. yak..yak..yak…God have ears……Just forgive la..that’s why the scripture appeared….kekekkeke…..speaking fr: devil in sheeps skin.

  4. You make your industry sounds like some horrible industry ler.. Like working for mafia like that. 😛

  5. oscar mom-ya lor…

    nyonya&flowsnow-Yes I know God is listening….

    Zara mama-emm not to extent of mafia ler..but quite pathetic lor..

  6. Jemima

    Thanks for visiting me & leaving me this link. :p

    God will give you the grace to forgive & the ability to forget.

  7. Like what you said, forgive and forget are totally 2 difference things, then how to love enemy?

    My hubby wants me to learn this, but how? I hate to talk this issue with him, always end up with quarrel.

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