The Crocodile Hunter is gone forever….

Image from Animal Planet

Geez..just received very sad news that Steve Irwin was killed suddenly today!

I used to watch his shows all the time and he made documentaries interesting and funny! I’m not exactly a fan but really enjoyed his shows. So sad…Looking at his family photo only makes it more sad…May God bless his soul and may he rest in peace..God bless his family too..


6 responses to “The Crocodile Hunter is gone forever….

  1. I like his shows very much. He is a brave man and had saved many wildlife animals. My deepest condolence to his family.

  2. yup I got the news during lunch. It’s really a sad thing 😦

  3. RIP!

  4. Yes, so sad especially for his children.

  5. I was a shocked and felt sad for his family too!

  6. goto to know about tis last nite from the sad ya. Bindi already 8 yrs old. Time flies..remember when he created such a big HOO HAA when he carried baby and feed crocodile at the same time. Nuts fella. But i think he always say that one day he’ll die doing what he likes the most. No regrets…RIP dude!

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