Mom is not well..

Wah today memang gila…(really crazy). Was out of the office to do something in Shah Alam and have another appointment at the most jam-ded place in the world, Pandan Indah. But it turned out that Pandan Indah appointment had to be deferred a bit so I had time in between..otoke? Ah better go to salon and wash my hair first cos I may come back late from Pandan Indah.

Halfway during the wash Oscar’s mom called me twice. Once I settled down I called her back. With my hair all wet summore..asked the hairdresser to speed up process of drying…PRONTO! Need to go send mom to doctor..

Once I arrived, she was so weak she can’t walk. The kids were really sweet, they were really worried and kept telling grandma not to die.. That was a very touching moment..Had the maids and my staff who came back with the kids to help her down. Aitelyu..eventhough she’s so weak, she still stopped and asked me to lock her room door and told me where the key is..I was like..aiya go la don’t worry about the room (she doesn’t trust the maids now cos her old faithful maid of 8 years stole things from her when she left for Indonesia..).

Once inside the car, I asked her which hospital, she said the nearest choice so we have to go to that blooming so-called private hospital Oscar’s mom mentioned. I arrived at the registration of the and realised I ter-left mom’s IC in the bathroom! Ayo..That’s the advantage of being close to the hospital, so got to go back and grab the IC and at the same time pack her overnight bag.

This hospital memang no standard but they charge terrer high summore. They made us wait so long and once we were in the lift going to the ward the nurse realised she forgot to administer the drip for my mom! Die or not?? Got to go back down to the so-called emergency (if that is emergency ah..I think the cases where going to die type sure die there one!)

Once entered the room, I realised the put the curtains wrongly also, the thin and thick material was placed in reversed positions! Pui! Actually, ah my complains of this hospital will be endless cos almost the whole family who had ever been admitted there before had bad experiences. So I think I will stop here and not bore you to death!


15 responses to “Mom is not well..

  1. hahaha…when you already don’t quite like the place, you will find everything wrong la.
    anyway, here’s wishing your mom a speedy recovery.
    take care. 😉

  2. i hope your mom gets better!

  3. I wish her speedy recovery!! Errr..what hospital is that? Care to share?

  4. oh boy…hope she gets well soon and nothing serious. is that the hospital starting with A**

  5. Hope ur mum get well soon!Know how u feel now, because my mum also admit to hospital last week and i didnt manage to go back to see her.:(

  6. hehe jazzming got it right!! bingo.. hope ah po feels better today….

  7. Hope your mom gets well soon. Keep us updated.

  8. mommy of two angels

    aiyoo so serious ah! hope she get well soon & back to her old self

  9. Oh..hope your mum gets well real soon!

    Really terok huh…that hospital!

  10. Auntie! Get Well Soon!

  11. Yeah loh.. so serious huh? Until must be admitted?

    Psst.. which hospital huh?

  12. Thanks all well wishers, mom is recovering but that hospital (yes starting with “A” is an Ass of a hospital) asked her to get X-ray but had to wait half a day to do that n probably another half a day to get the report!

  13. hope your mom gets well soon.

    I very takut this will happen to my folks as I am so far away….

  14. John-your brother still around ma..

  15. i was told that hospital has the best nursing staff and summore newly renovated with all new beds, curtains, flatscreen tv, etc…
    hope your mom is much better already.

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