Mom’s A-OK

Hey thanks to all well wishers and your prayers, mom’s fine. Her friend called early this morning to ask about her and I told her she’s still in the hospital but if they don’t discharge her I will create havoc there! Good thing mom called and told me should be able to leave before noon.

So I picked her up and since she was in the car, hehe..better go to the bank, need company as I know I can never get a parking space in New Town at that time. Since she’s ok, I asked her to walk in the bank to deposit the cheques. bad hor..straight out of the hospital me ledi asked her to work for me! Nevermind la..good exercise for her.

Then upon reaching home, still not time to pick up the kids so I fast fast fried rice for everyone. Even after that it was still early, so I go back to office first. Mom was saying should she bring Kylie along to pick up the kids from kindy then she said better I gathered she meant she’s going to pick up the kids. So I left la!

Then 1 hr later she called the office to ask where the kids were..ALAMAK! She thought I went to pick the kids up! Errr…duh! Wah lucky she didn’t marah marah…only said..”Ayo ayo ayo…I go now!”

Me bad or not? Mom just out of hospital expected her to pick up the kids…hehe..


8 responses to “Mom’s A-OK

  1. oo glad to hear tat she’s OK

  2. That’s good news about your mom.

  3. Just read your blog. Soli…was busy distracted with other `activities’. Glad to hear that your mum is well. Take care dear

  4. good to hear that your mom is up and running liao. 🙂

  5. Glad to hear that she is out of hospital. Great news ..great news!!

  6. glad to know that your mum is doing fine..:)

  7. Thanks all wellwishers!

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