Time with Mom

Today we spent the day with mom since she’s still not in the pink of health as yet. It’s strange cos I’m not exactly in excellent terms with mom. But the whole time she was not well, I tried my best to care for her. I’m not asking for anything in return really but I guess it was natural that I should be the one to be there for her. In fact our dialog is almost zero and whenever she wants to tell me something it’s either through my kids, my hubby or Oscar’s mom. Like this evening while we were all watching tv after dinner, here was the conversation that took place.

Mom – Kieran, did you bring your toothbrush? The one here is lauya oredi…

Kieran – (engrossed in movie)…..

Mom – Kieran, brush your teeth..

Kieran – We are going home.

Mom – Why..you don’t want to take care of Ah Po? What if Ah Po feel giddy again..

Kieran – (Obviously dunno what’s going on la..so continues watching tv..)

Mom – (Sounds very sad) You don’t care for Ah Po?

…Sigh…I want to be there but to transport the clothes, bottles…bla bla bla…just too much hassle la…and hubby gets especially worked up if we have to spend the night at mom’s cos he has to sleep alone in another room.

In a separate incident also during the tv time…Kylie was begging for food, as usual..We were having fruits. I gave her a slice of the apple but mom complained that it might choke her so I took it back from her hands…so can you imagine the drama?? Yes she threw a fit. Then I gave her back a smaller piece but as usual, she created a mess by pinching out pieces of the apple and put it all over mom’s lazy chair. Mom got cross and scolded her…Kylie immediately sulked and looked down and just had a blank and cross look. It was so funny cos she does this all the time whenever I scold her too. She knows that she has done wrong but still shows displeasure at being scolded..I laughed out loud…and mom said this, “Exactly like you la when you were small!” Oops…


7 responses to “Time with Mom

  1. hi, how is ah po? glad that you are tryingyr best to work things out with ah po. sometimes, when ppl get old they requries extra attn. so maybe ah po is lidat. try to spend more time with her, at least she will not be so lonely at home. kylie so cute la… the other day she o-gain threw rubbish in my drawer and i make a face, she make face too!!!

  2. i’m sure your mom and you love each other lots. 😉

  3. see. hehe. stop complaing about her la. she’s really a nice lady. i miss her company. she’s so cute and funny. hehe. =P

  4. huisiahttp://joshualai.blogspot.com

    You’re not close to your mum?

  5. Well, at least you’re there for her when she needs you! And i’m sure your love for each other is no less than any other mother and daughter..:)

  6. oscarmom- i try la but the comments and her interruption in my kids really irritating leh..

    nyonya-i dunno..she’s never been nice to me as far as i can remember…

    piggyhoo-she’s nice to everyone except me!!

    hui sia-how to be close to someone who constantly picks a fight with ya??

    blurblur-if i’m not there, who will? nobody lor..

  7. Hubby can choose to stay home if he ngam ngam cham cham mah.. 😛

    Glad that your mum is home and is having you all as companion.

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