Uh oh ta-ta-yor

Itchy fingers again and terchanged back to old template…hmmm..really didn’t know how it happened leh..can’t believe that they had in memory…aiya..tearing my hair out now..time to go to sleep before there’s further damage..now lost a lot of links..nvm ler..learning process..kakakaka


7 responses to “Uh oh ta-ta-yor

  1. huisiahttp://joshualai.blogspot.com

    Lost links? Oh, terrible..

  2. Links can be replaced easily. Tip: always copy the links first before you do the changes, so that you can copy back in the template. easy right? I used to have to retype them over and over again and it took hours..and it drove me mad. Now…I don’t have to bother about links, coz I don’t have any..kekekekeke……couldn’t be bothered.

  3. that’s the thing abot changign templates…once changed, you lose your customizations. You shoudl backup a copy of your template code next time…

  4. this one looks ok.

  5. Hehe..i still dare not touch anything on my template design yet leh..though itching to do so..;p

  6. hui sia-losing my links sux..

    flowsnow&mom2ashley-i know but i didn’t have intention to change in the first place? just too blur pressed the wrong button…ok ok how that happened sounds impossible but me too blur!!

    aceone – eh how u put the pic on your profile huh? somemore can change wor..can teach ah?? pai seh..

    blur blur-yah DON’T! u’ll regret like me….

  7. Laundryamah, abt the avatar.

    1) Find an image (gif image). Must be 50KB or less, if not you cant load it in your profile.

    2) Load the pic in photobucket. I tried it in blogger but the avatar change it to png image. So you cant load it in blogger. The image will not move.

    3) Once loaded you can get the code and copy & paste it into your profile.

    4) Save changes to see.

    5) Easy anot??

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