Time With Mom Part II

We have been staying with mom for the past few days. Hubby as usual is always asking me this question, “How long more we have to stay here?” I really don’t know how to answer him lor. According to Oscar’s Mom her sickness is loneliness. She just wants the company. I know, everyone needs company, who can live alone? I for one cannor lor..can go gila la even if I can blog and blog but must have real people around wat!

Well as of today, mom looks very well, energetic and as usual came to rescue Kylie early in the morning. Actually why my hubby doesn’t like to spend the nights there is because mom just comes into our room just liddat..u know…walk in..no knocking! The room can’t be locked cos the kids destroyed the lock and I can’t be bothered to replace it.

Then at 7 a.m. she came in the room to wake me up to drive her to the market. Ayo…that’s the scariest part. It’s not that I don’t like going it’s just that she’s so fussy and takes ages to finish. Told her to bring handphone but she said didn’t charge! Keep handphone and don’t charge it, keep for what leh? I warned her in the car that my brother’s family will not be coming back for dinner for the rest of the week as sis-in-law is down with chicken pox.

Upon dropping her off, I told her to wait where I dropperd her. Off I went to do some banking and then went back to the market. Thank goodness I found a car park. So I went in to buy something for myself but I finished very fast and decided to sit down near the place I told her to wait. (I don’t know how she can take so long buying in that market cos it’s so smelly, I just want to fast fast buy and go man!) Wait…wait…wah…one hour passed…still no sign of her or maid. Then I thought to myself, hmm..should be done any minute, better bring the car around. Then as I drove round the market, suddenly the maid ran out onto the road waving at me! Gave me a shock! Good thing there was no car behind and there was space to stop the car for a while. Eh…this is not the place I told her to wait wor…how come she’s there?? Her reply, “Yah meh? I thought here ma…” I was like…FAINTED! Good thing the maid she so proclaims to be sooooo stupid that caused her soooo much stress till she had that dizzy spell, was “seng mook” and could spot me! If not I will be like going round and round the market lor! (oh in case you are wondering which smelly market I was talking about, it’s the Old Town Market! YUCKS but the prices of stuff are the cheapest in town wor..)


8 responses to “Time With Mom Part II

  1. he he, i like that part whereby you imitate yr maid jumping out on the road and wave at you… wuarharharhar…

  2. lucky she went with the maid, or else people mountain people sea how to find.

    oo that market..yah it’s super smelly and super dirty. and also super a lot of crows!! yucks

  3. kesian jugak your hubby.

  4. Mom wan to chit chat wif old friends leh until she forgot you waiting for her. hahaha..

    Me, homealone for many years liao oso can wat. Besides blogging, i go fishing, swimming, yum char..and mostly attached to astro.Sat & Sun sure occupied wif English Premier League!! hehehe.
    I oni free at night, wahh..1.52 am liao still nochet finish replying. See ya.. !!

  5. Instead of staying with your mom, why doncha let her stay with you a couple of days per month. Fyi, my mom lives with us as I am the only child and thank goodness my hubby has a very high tolerance level 😉

  6. I used to shop in Old Town Market as well.. smelly but yeah.. things are relatively cheap there.

    Aiya.. old people sometimes forget very easily.. where you ask them to wait, what time etc.. 😛

  7. oscars mom-ayo if u r driving dat time not so funny lor…

    jazzmint-ya man..crows? i thot rats! eee

    nyonya-ya ler,,

    aceone-wey alone so long no good leh em keng sum lei pintai ah?

    imom-ayo u dun know my mom la, she will not move out of her house one..she said cannot sleep anywhere else..(slap forehead)

    Zaramom-I know…so sked she has Alzheimer disease ler…

  8. Ahhhhhhhhh…pintai gila gila ledi loh!!! wuahahahaha.

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