Today you left us 7 years ago

Dear Loh Dau (dad),

I keep asking the question why God has to take you away so early, why you were not able to retire and enjoy life after all the years you slogged in order to provide for us, why you are not able to see at least your first grandchild, why you were not able to guide me in running the business…..and the worse thing is why God had to allow the suffering that you had to endure from; i.e. the most dreaded disease, CANCER.

It really aches my heart even as I write this to have seen you suffer so much, how much pain you went through, as if the pain and suffering from your younger days were not enough.

When you kept telling us about the past we always said you were such a bore, like no new stories but now I realised that you were trying to tell us to appreciate what we have. That is why I get very mad when Kieran is fussy with food, I remember that you were strict with us especially on the dinner table, you wouldn’t even allow us to talk! But now our kids are so spoilt and most of the time throwing tantrums, I wonder how you would react…

The time I miss you most is when I get into a fix over the business, when I have no one to turn to for help and when there’s something wrong with the house…or when I can’t handle mom were always there to fix things up..why can’t my brothers learn that from you??? Sigh..

I really miss you so much dad…..and I’m sorry I am not able to visit your grave today but I know you will understand. I know and am assured that you are having a good time now and definitely not suffering anymore.

Take care dad and till we meet again…


From your daughter, Ah Girl….


8 responses to “Today you left us 7 years ago

  1. mommy of two angels

    laundyamah…ur daddy loves u very much…he knows u can handle everything loh…u supergurrrrl mah.

  2. aiyoh… dont make me cry la… uncle will know you are tough cookie ma… right, ah girl?

  3. Be tough! 🙂

  4. m sure your daddy is smiling from above. 😉

  5. Your dad is watching and protecting you & all at home from above.

    Its sad indeed, reminds me of my parents died of cancer too.

  6. it’s the thought that counts and as long as you keep him close to your heart – visiting the grave is nothing…

  7. *sob*
    laundryamah.. u veli good girl ah..

  8. 2Angels-me not supergurl la..

    oscar’s mom-me have to be tough no choice right??

    huisia-yes i will try my best

    nyonya-hope so..

    aceone-oh sorry to hear about your got to have your health check regularly then..

    mom2ashley-yah i know..but mom gets upset if we don’t go..

    sasha-me trying my best

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