Update on Mom’s Condition

Aiya, susah la, her dizzy dizzy and vomit vomit off and on and today I took her to ENT (Ear,Nose & Throat) Specialist at Sunway to check whether she has that problem with imbalance in the ear thingy..aiya forgot what the term is called la. But when the doctor asked her A she answered B and the doctor had tarik her balik (bring her back) to the topic. Then when he wanted to talk she wanted to talk pulak. When the doc asked her what exactly was her dizziness like and she couldn’t even explain properly..this is strange as mom was a retired nurse and supposed to be well versed with medical terms and always criticised the TVB shows when the medical facts were wrong.

Ayo..I can see the doctor losing his cool leow. Then after all the tests he did, he found that both the nose and ears are fine and shouldn’t be contributing to the dizzy spells. Then he proceeded to explain and advised that she may have to see other specialists. She kept interrupting him and then insists he write a letter of his findings today so that the other docs can see cos she said her memory is not good now. That was fine actually but she kept giving the doc unnecessary pressure until he didn’t know how to talk properly leow! Terrer or not..then finally she said, “Since nothing wrong with my nose and ear..what about my throat ah?” (well the doc is an ENT specialist so she was just thinking aloud that he should also check the throat which even I would know that even if there’s anything wrong with the throat, it will not contribute to dizziness lor! Wah this time the doc really lost it and I could see he was really agitated..hmmm not very professional cos I reckon that no matter what she’s the patient, she’s paying good money to see him (wah the good money part is really siong..it’s really expensive lor) he should maintain his cool no matter what lor. I totally understand how he can arrive at this stage as he had a lot of patients waiting in line and summore had to encounter this AUNTY…BUT STILL..cannot liddat one ma…

Anyway, I told mom I think she needs to go for a CT Scan and also Heart Scan, but she said go back to UKM since she was a government servant so entitled to health benefits. So hopefully she can get an appointment soon.


10 responses to “Update on Mom’s Condition

  1. so the sunway doctor thinks it’s not vertigo? hope the CT scan and Heart Scan can help to pinpoint what’s wrong. take care. 😉

  2. yeah, agreed wif nyonya.

  3. nyonya&ace-hey late nite surfing eh,,hehe me too. Thanks guys! Nyonya, ya ya,,not vertigo,,that’s the term i forgot..hahaha,,

  4. hehe, ah po lidat ler… but she looks ok wor on friday. lonely… eh new template again ah…

  5. Get her to see other specialists, whether she likes it or not. Don’t take chances. Money is not everything..you can always earn it back. OK?

  6. ocsar’smom-ya la..the scolding part that is!

    flowsnow-i know..will check with her tomorro..

  7. Then..this doctor can’t consider as professional lol! He MUST stand calm and patient at whatever type of patients lol!

    If vomit, is it stomach problem?

  8. Not prolah the doc liddat wan. Hope your mom is ok. Btw, wat’s Vertigo?

  9. Hope it’s nothing serious…

  10. huisia-ya lor but he’s got lots of patients wor…

    immomsdaughter-vertigo = imbalance in ear water (translate to chinese..hehehe)

    blurblur-ya hope so…

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