Maximum Eventful Saturday!

As usual the days starts with rushing as Kieran’s music class starts at 9.00am. This morning was ok as he woke up early..surprising! I have to rush my market shopping as we are going to bring him to the Planetarium after the music class. Weyo, his kindy actually has a field trip today but I didn’t want him to miss the music class so have to forego the field trip with the kindy. So, I bring him la! Anyway, fast fast buy then rushed back to pick up maid & Kylie and rushed back to pick Kieran up.

Pic 1 : On the way there…so excited!

Pic 2 : hahaha,,,Science Centre taken from inside the car…a bit filtered thanks to my V-Kool!

Ok, remember we were planning to go to Planetarium but guess where we went instead?? Me so smart, thought the Planetarium was the National Science Centre. When we reached there I instantly felt something was not right but since we were there..go la..I thought should be same same la..budden hor…didn’t see any words that indicate that there is a Planetarium there leh! So I instantly smsed Flowsnow to ask her. She’s the expert in this…but then….she didn’t reply until much later in the evening. Then only I knew, chia latt! Went to the wrong place..poor Kieran kept asking, “Mummy where are my friends??” I had to tell him that they left ledi..bad la this mummy. Nevertheless, he did have a good time there, in fact all of us had a good time there. In fact we had to drag Kieran out of that threatened only he’s willing to go!

Some pics of the kids enjoying the place…


10 responses to “Maximum Eventful Saturday!

  1. Angeleyes

    Did not know that place actually have stuff to see… always thought that it was a flop from the start… will list down as one of the place to bring Darrius next time… the giant lego looks fun.. πŸ™‚

  2. also blurblur like me huh? ;p

    Wow, so many big big legos ah..seems fun! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, giant LEGOs!!! As long as they had fun, nvm Planetarium or National what not πŸ™‚

  4. hahaha..mummy made a blunder, blur blur lidat.

  5. I know about the National Science Center but not the Planetarium. What is there in the Planetarium? Next time you go and blog about it yeah…:)

  6. hmm sounds interesting…must go since so near my house πŸ˜€

  7. Angeleyes-Ya actually not bad but make sure you eat full full only go ok..cos the food very lauya..

    Blurblur-ya man blur blur..haha

    imoms-me first time see giant legos!

    aceone-ya ya mummy memang malu..

    michelle-Planetarium at Lake Gardens..will check it out this weekend!

    Jazzmint-actually quite fun and informative..but as i said above…make sure eat full full first ah..

  8. Still sounds like fun for them, even you went to the wrong plc. πŸ˜›

    Btw, how much is entrance fee?

  9. Aiya, i think i lagi stupid and outdated, KL got Planetarium ? Oh no…

  10. zaramama-entrance for adults RM6 and kids from 6years RM3 so Zara can go in FOC!

    huisia-haha outdated cos u r not here ma…me in KL oso didn’t know leh!

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