A Continuation to my eventful Saturday

After we came back from the National Science Centre, I went to my usual salon to have my hair done. The moment I walked in all of them looked at me like one kind..err..did I look that bad after my whole day activities?? No la…it’s just, there was a robbery there at about noon! OMG!! It’s like this place is like so uninteresting, doesn’t look like you can get much out of it in a robbery and that idiot of a robber went in!

The robber went in pretending to be an inquiring customer at first. The owner of the salon (Aunty Y) thought he looked kind of suspicious and told him to come back another time as the salon is very busy then. Then the co-stylist (Aunty N) noticed something amiss as the robber began to reach down to his left foot (was reaching for his knife). Aunty N was standing nearest to the back door and she immediately scooted off and ran for her life! There were about 4 – 5 customers at that time. Aunty N was attending to a hair colouring session with one customer. The moment Aunty N ran off the robber shouted and told her not to run but she ran la..The robber immediately pointed the knife at one customer’s neck(sitting at the waiting chairs nearest to the exit door, therefore nearest to the robber). By this time, everyone in the salon were in a state of shock. The victim was very calm though and gave him her handbag and when he wanted to pull her necklace, she told him not to as she will take it out for him. The moment he got the necklace, he ran out to his accomplice waiting in a motorcycle.

The victim ran out to catch a glimpse and saw the motorcycle plates. She shouted out the number but Aunty Y was still in shock and was not able to think hence unable to jot the plate details. Fortunately someone outside noticed something was not right so he remembered the plate details.

We were all thinking what would happen if Aunty N didn’t run out the back door. She actually saved everyone cos if she didn’t run, the robber would have sapu-ded (robbed) everyone la! But then again, the fact that she ran may have angered the robber and he could have attacked the poor lady that was nearest to him! Anyway, all in all thank God no one was hurt. My cousin who operates her desert factory next to this salon used to sit at where the lady was sitting, in fact she was there just moments before that lady came in. So she could’ve been the victim!

The victim went to report the incident and came back again to have her done..(die die oso have to come back cos she has a dinner that nite ler..) Anyway, Aunty N came back after the robber left and continued with her colouring session. In her state of shock, she actually mixed the wrong colour and the customer had to leave the salon with two different shades on her hair! The customer also was in a state of shock and didn’t mind at all!

The fact that this was the first that happened to this quiet little suburban neighbourhood salon in almost 30 years! Ayo..it’s not safe anywhere la..not even in front of your own house! So be careful, look around before you get down from your car, even when you reach home, look around before you open your gate..scary ler…Do not wear excessive jewellery, they were speculating that the victim actually attracted the robbers as she was wearing quite a bit of jewellery.


13 responses to “A Continuation to my eventful Saturday

  1. Sigh..daring day light robbery. Things are getting from bad to worst nowadays.Luckily no one was hurt unlike the snatch thieves incident in setapak i read in newspaper that unlucky guy got killed.

  2. OMG! so scary!

  3. Eeeer! So scary lah nowadays!Wah! Last time is a “spiderman” this time is day light robbery..

  4. wow..dangerous!! I’m surprised that customer is so calmed and handed over her things…bravo to her.

  5. mommy of two angels

    lucky u took ur son out & were LATE!! so u miss all the action…thank GOD la!

  6. Aceone-ya man daylight robbery!

    Mom2Ashley-ya lor..cannot imagine what will happen if i’m there..

    Annie-yah the spiderman mystery is still not solved yet!

    Jazzmint-Yes..hats off to her! Very terrer..

    2Angels-Ya thank GOD!

  7. oooh-scary, thank goodness no one got hurt. Even though first time visiting ur site, and reading about u & family ~ my guess is you may have “laundered” the fella with one high kick and left him out to “dry”

  8. luckily you were not there yeah when that robbery happen.. aiyo.. so scarry..

  9. Aiyo,really scary lol!
    The victim managed herself quite good, if i were her, i think i won’t be as calm as her.

  10. My goodness! So scary!

    I think i would have fainted if i were the victim…

  11. milkmaid-wah do i sound so tough ah? no lar i think i will be like frozen if i’m there leh..

    zaramama-ya lor..

    huisia- yah me too..i think i will like do something stupid and may get slashed!

    blurblur-the victim looks like fierce fierce type of aunty! hahaha

  12. Aiya, everywhere also not safe nowadays 😦

  13. LOL..sorry, ketinggalan zaman abit. But the mix of 2 colour hair, was quite funny, given the circumstances. State of shock..that’s what will do it to ya! I think they only felt it when they were home.

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