I got to stop buying shoes…

Geezz today a pair of shoes died on me o-gain! Ok, remember my mountain of shoes, yah like I can wear them all la…but I still buy lor. Today I wore a pair which I didn’t wear like…emm…I forgot how long la…(yes that long) well, it didn’t last past lunch time! Actually, I just wore it up and down the stairs like err..3 times?? The strap like gave way lor..ayo this pair is like still so new leh. At least I can go up and get another pair, no sweat.

But I was not so lucky 2 days ago, I wore a pair which I also haven’t worn for like ages…well it also gave way while I was walking towards the restaurant carrying Kylie summore..same thing, the strap gave way..OTOKE?? Ah..thank God the strap like gave way right outside Metrojaya! So went in to buy a new pair la! If not how to walk leh, still got to go get my computer stuffs after lunch! As we all may know..sale time over leow…so I was thinking, shiaks…got to buy on full price summore! Wah thank God there was some shoes on best buy…quite ok deal so sapu la!

Must fast fast start wearing all my shoes before they give way one by one!!!!


12 responses to “I got to stop buying shoes…

  1. pls la, i think the ‘mountain’ of shoes you have ah, it will take you a very loooooong time to ‘finish’ wearing it. and, you will NOT stop buying… he he, i know you la…. you are my friend la… so i know ok….

  2. Wah, new shoe wor! Old people said must bite your own new shoe before you put it on. If not your new shoe will bite you!! I got see many ppl putting on plaster at their feet bcoz their shoe is bitting them slowly. wakakaka. Dunno true anot leh?

    and..and..and..the strap wont give way so easily. hee..hee.hee.

  3. i suspect the strap was made not to last too long or the shoe was made for use on indoor carpeted floors only. LOL.

  4. aiks — u sound like me…I luuuurve shoes. My LK sighs when he sees my “mountain of shoes” stacked up in the store room…hmmm Happy Walking !!

  5. Nowadays shoes very easy to spoil, that’s why those shoe shops always full of customers. 🙂

  6. Har har, saw your blog on Mountain of Shoes, motivates my to show you mine…wait ah..will write on it soon

  7. if u want to finish wearing the shoes, i think each day must change 2 pairs 😉

  8. If they don’t give way, where got excuse for us to get new ones?? lol

    Serious, the local shoes are not really made to last. Thank God I found a cobbler who repaired my shoes (especially high heels) with needle and thread. Not just gum, mind you.

    This cobbler is pretty old. I guess he’s the last of his kind here… When he’s gone, I dunno what will happen. Buy shoes every month? lol

  9. You say only lah….where you will stop buying shoes one???

    Remember when you said that you HAD to stop buying new clothes?? Think only last one day… Tell you to “save breath” lah… Just accept the fact that you love shoes and clothes!!!! Oh yeah..and those Korean hunks.

  10. oscarmum&nomadicmum-hahaha..u guys know me too well leow!

    aceone-huh?? seow!

    nyonya-ya ler..those strap are actually glued only…dat’s y overtime inside the box..n when I wear them..give way!

    milkmaid-ooooo..shoessss….cannot stop buying them rite??

    jazz-yah man…ayo…

    helen-hmmmm sew..dat’s good idea but the strap like too short wor..how to sew leh…actually a bit sayang to throw lor eventho can buy new ones but there r those which i really really like one leh..sob sob

  11. Angeleyeshttp://ramblingmoo.wordpress.com/

    aiyoh… you also another Emelda Marcos ah??? I was like that too! Everywhere I go I sure buy at least 2 pairs of shoes back. And sometimes I even buy 2 pairs of the same designs but different colours!

    When I need to move bak to Kl from S’pore… I threw away at least 10 pairs and gave away several pairs.

    Most of them still stuck in my mom’s place now and she has been complaining that some are rotting away!

  12. Yeah woh.. shoes if don’t wear, after a while disintegrate one.. aigh..

    Me married 8yrs liao.. some nice shoes I bougght for the wedding, still boxed up and not use. 😦

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