Men Likes to be in Control

Following the post from NyonyaPenang I was reminded about this conversation I had with a friend (M) from church. This friend volunteers as a musician while my hubby (H) volunteers as a Sunday School Teacher. We were just talking about how difficult it is to recruit new volunteers for both musicians and teachers.

Me – Look at the sunday school teachers la, year in year out same people but the number of children increasing all the time

H – Eh hem..

Me – H has to be teaching every alternate week due to the shortage

M – Same here

Me – Ya I noticed that too..pity you guys man

M – But then, did you notice that there is an over flowing of volunteers for traffic control?

Me – Huh? Oh ya hor..Ya man, this job is more difficult leh, have to come early and stand in the hot sun summore..

M – Ah…do you know why there are so many volunteers, and they are only men summore?

Me – Why ah??

M – That’s because men generally likes to be in control, and this is one of the jobs that allow them to be in full control

Me – ? ? (very interested sitted on the edge of the seat)

M – Maybe they didn’t have chance to command control in either their work place or at home, but here as traffic controller can control wor..(pheeettttttttttttt…pheeeeeeeeeettttttttttt -blowing whistle action with sound effect and waving his hands like a traffic police + a very stern look)

Me & H – wuahahahahahahaha….ya man! So true!!

pssst..M is also a guy leh..

So, this is some sort of a way for release for the guy, so as for the guy mentioned in NyonyaPenang‘s post, it’s the same situation la!


5 responses to “Men Likes to be in Control

  1. mommy of two angels

    hahahah…another outlet to let out steam! but i think its sooo much easier to deal with drivers than children leh!

  2. RT needs volunteers who are good with whistles. hahahaha….

  3. thanks for the plug. 🙂

  4. Haha..i agree with “mommy of two angels”, for me, i also prefer to be a traffic controller instead of teacher.

  5. ish! eh excuse me ar! my father’s a traffic controller too wei!
    kidding,….. that’s wat most ppl tease my dad about too!

    = P

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