How do you know if that person is having a hard time?

Eventhough the person may not show a sulky or sad face but somehow you can detect that the person is having a hard time or unhappy about something. I am also writing this on behalf of Oscar’s mum as she’s busy helping her hubby folding the boxes..really kesian lor…

Well today both myself and Oscar’s mum had an encounter with 2 different persons that are like that lor. Ok I’ll talk about the one I met 1st. I was at my customer’s (J) laundry when his customer (L) walked in. First she asked for her basket which she actually forgotten that she has taken back. Then she asked this really stupid question.

L – Di sini ada ajar orang gosok kain tak? (Do you teach people to iron clothes or not?)

Hello! This is a laundry la…Teach you how to iron clothes then how to earn your $$ leh?

J – Ah, di sini kita ada menjalankan kursus tunjuk ajar untuk membuka bisnes dan operasi dobi.
(we do have a course in helping people set up a laundry business)

L – Oh, berapa yuran nya? (How much is the course?)

J – RM2,500.00 dan untuk praktikal lain pulak. (Cost is RM2,500.00 but for practical lessons there is a separate charge)

Can see L’s face change colour leow

L – Oh, begini..aiya saya saja nak tanya la, ajar gosok saja tak ada ya?
(Oh I’m just asking only la, like a course for ironing don’t have ya?)

She’s still not giving up…*roll eyes*

J – Tak ada (NO)

Then she asked J’s son to go to her car to fetch her laundry and then left.

J – Some people are so sarcastic, we just have to tell them off. How can she ask such a question.

J’s wife – You know ah this lady, damn fussy u know. Each time she brings clothes for ironing, we have to do the job 3 times! She keeps saying it’s not good enough!

Me – Huh? Iron 3 times? Ayo rugi la! Gila ke? (lose money la, crazy or wat?)

J’s wife – Ya lar, padan muka dia itu sebab suaminya ambil isteri baru! (Serves her right that’s y her husband took in a 2nd wife)

Me – Huh? How you know ah?

J’s wife – She told me herself! She said the husband complains about her ironing and asked why can’t she be as good as the 2nd wife.

Me – That’s why la, she give you a hard time..if not cannot compete with 2nd wife!

J – For all you know the 2nd wife also sends to dobi to iron the clothes la..

All of us – wuahahahahhahaha…

For Oscar’s mom, it’s the encounter with Mr XX D. He really gave her a hard time today. Weyo, taking advantage that I am not around to help defend her and also for the scolding I gave him yesterday. Ok, not going to elaborate in too detail, in short, Mr XX D constantly screws up in his work and never take responsibility for it summore. He is unable to take any pressure and most of the time he lets it out on the staff. He makes all sorts of unrealistic promises to people which he can’t fulfill and then expect other people to pick up the pieces. Get it by now? The best part is, he dwells on the issue and is unable to provide a solution and then pressure somebody else to solve it! Eh hello! How can? Errr..who’s the boss now ah? At the end, he has the cheek to ask, “So how?” Wah! If I’m around of course he will not be able to reach this stage leow. I would have told him shut the %^&* up and go solve his own problems and stop pushing the blame to others.

Really, I am soooooooo tired of having to go through this again and again. He will never stop being like this as this is just him, you can’t change character. I am so fed up but I can’t remove this stigma cos I’m related to him! That’s why I am so grateful and thankful to have Oscar’s mom to help share this burden, as not many people can be able to take his nonsense. Oscar’s mom, kumoupta!

So how do you know if that person is having a hard time? He/she gives a hard time to others!


10 responses to “How do you know if that person is having a hard time?

  1. don’t la ‘tension’ sangat. try relek sikit. stress is not good for the heart.
    **telling it to myself too**

  2. mommy of two angels

    thank God u are made of stuff harder than your laundry machines!

  3. Hahaha..dun tension too much. Cum cum, I belanja you yum char!!

  4. Haha..the suami also pandai gave excuse as broken marriage is due to poor ironing skill. Wow, what a manlike?

  5. Huh? just because the ironing skill no good that’s why take wife no. 2 ah?? luckily my ironing skill is very good..:P

  6. Maybe you got to go to Holland soon??? Then no eye see lor…

  7. haha yah..sometimes when someone on a bad hair day, that person oso make sure other ppl around her/him oso has bad hair day

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  9. nyonya-i memang tension when it comes to my brother la..he really drives everybody up the wall one.. looks strong only (bcos size big ma..hahaha)

    aceone-eh betul or not…yum char!

    huisia&blurblur-malay ma..

    nomadic-so easy meh..

    surfinmama-will c…

    jazz-actually me oso but end up my family suffering esp my hubby!

  10. It’s good of you to be so understanding. I’m learning much after I’m in Christ.

    Before that, I would have probably blurted out all *&*((()0 to all those SOBs. šŸ˜›

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