Consumer rights??

Ok today after reading an email from a friend, I thought it’s high time I tell everyone about this certain French hypermarket, and most of the time, the bad things happened at the one located at Mid Valley.

My experience:

  1. They advertised on National Newspaper about a certain product at a rate which was mindblowing low, so I asked Oscar’s mom to get it for me since she was there but when the product was scanned, it was not the advertised price! She noticed another customer disputing with the cashier about it. What was the result, I don’t know but I suspect the cashier will say I don’t know.
  2. They have the yellow best deal price hanging above a certain product and when the product is scanned at the check out counter, it’s again a higher price. When we question them, they said it was price for the day before! Liddat oso can!

I remember in Australia, if such price disputes occur at the check out counter, the product will be given free to the customer!

My friend’s recent experience:

  • She was getting some dried apricots and halfway picking them, she saw a dead cockroach! She told the staff about it and walked off fast fast…yucks. But she did look back to see what the staff did. He just picked up the cockroach and put back the apricots which my friend picked. I know we can’t expect much cleanliness in food handling outside but can’t they put up a show in front of the customer by pretending to take the whole tub inside????

Ok not related to the above hypermarket incident but also about food outside.

Oscar’s mom just told me that her grandfather once witnessed a rat slipped and fell inside a pot of barley which the restaurant was making. The person just picked up the rat and continued to sell the barley drink!!!

So, folks..dare to eat out or not?? Aiya, we can’t be too careful also, but as long as I don’t know and don’t see what they do to the food and say my prayers before I eat…heck la!


14 responses to “Consumer rights??

  1. Not only the Midvalley one la…i experinced few times in Giant as well. The advertisement just tempted me to go there, but what i paid always not the price that printed on the flyer. :<

  2. A lot of places with good food can have very unhygienic kitchens, so, if you wanna continue to enjoy their food, don’t go & spy at their kitchenslah. Maybe that’s why got extra OOOMPH to the taste..ha ha ha

  3. Really ar, they just picked out that rat from the pot and just sell like that ka, fulamak!! Imagine those who didn’t see it and happily drink it, lol

  4. In M’sia where got rights one? Esp with Restaurant and worse still.. Hawker.

  5. ya it’s common time must bring along the flyer..then if they give some lame excuse make a big scene in the hypermart hahaha

  6. The rat incident, really scary..

    sometimes i also dare not think too much when i’m eating outside food…

  7. huisia- ya i had very bad experience at Giant also. Swore not to go there but if they had really good deals..can’t resist..hahaha

    imom- yah, the dirtier the place the tastier the food! sei moh??

    aceone-fulamak! what phrase it dat?? hahaha very funny lor

    zaramama- we have a consumer tribunal court at The Mall, but most of the time ppl just can’t be bothered

    jazz-next time must remember to bring either the flyer or newspaper as evidence!

    blurblur-in spore very clean ma..

  8. I have the same bad experience with Watson. Their excuse was it is the same brand but different packaging. WHAT??!! So wanted to complain to CAP.

  9. so unscrupulous. we better be alert when at the check-out counter.

  10. Legally, if the price is in dispute at the cashier, the supermarket has the right to insist on the rightful price though it may differed from the price tag. Having said that, good supermarkets with good customer relations in mind, like Tesco, will honour the price on the tag even if it is lower than the actual price.

    I guess it all comes to how the business is run. I know many overseas business are more customer oriented. 🙂

    As for dirty food, peace of mind comes when we don’t look into their kitchens.. lol

  11. mom2ashley

    When things like that happen, we SHOULD voice out. Not because of the money but a matter of priciple. It’s totally unacceptable to be treated with a “tidak apa” attitude…ARGH! things like that really pisses me off.

  12. I once ate Chee Cheong Fun in kota kemuning when i was pregnant and found a cockroach in it. There was 10 of us. The maid just came and took away the plate. Never replace and i have to pay same amount. Niameh!

  13. can relate to sasha as I once ate a plate of Char Koay Teow and found a cockroach too….eekss…
    Anyone heard of this place opposite Petaling Street famous for its Hokkien Fried Mee? Really good, but you’ll be sharing meal with rats and roaches.. tried and tested the first and last time..
    No matter how great to mee was, I just couldnt stand the sight of the rats !!

  14. but then hor, i heard of someone who uses this cockroach trick to get free meals wor! die or not???

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