Another eventful Saturday

Ok ok..a bit delayed this post cos the whole morning gila-red, had to send son to school, then send car to service and then go for an x-ray for my neck problemo..Ok back to our excursion last Saturday.
It started with a trip to Planetarium together with Flowsnow and family. Wah no joke, this place has got stairs, stairs and more forget about the stroller…waste time had to carry both baby and stroller! We already cut the stair climbing by a lot by having hubby drop us near the entrance, but still we had to climb more stairs!

Overall, the place was pretty small, we had a bit of fun in the dark room and the gravity room, a human body movement as control for a video game, there was a viewing deck where we can see the whole of KL, there was a spaceball thingy to play but that one have to pay extra. They didn’t have shows that day so the entrance fee was only RM1.00 per adult and children F.O.C.! Parking also F.O.C.! Not bad la! Since we were going for good food for dinner, I packed sandwiches for lunch…cincai la..

The view of Sentral from the viewing deck and Kieran running around..

Wanted to go to the park in Lake Gardens but it started to rain…next time la…anyway got to go back and rest for night activity!

As mentioned by Oscar’s mom, we went to Queenspark at Jalan Peel, opposite the blooming French hypermarket. Wow, I was pretty impressed with that place, considering it was in Cheras area! Don’t play play, Cheras memang very happening now. Hubby (LaundryAhPah) kept asking where we were going but I didn’t bother to tell him cos I know for sure he has no idea where that place was. Thanks to Oscar’s mom we found that place.

Fuyoh, that restaurant was packed with people and we actually got confused and didn’t realise that there were two different restaurants side by side. Thank goodness we went to the correct one. Since it was our first time, we didn’t know their serving size so was kinda dispointed when we saw the dishes, so otoke? Tambah order la! Man, it was so busy that LaundryAhPah had to do some self service, like bringing our own tea, char kueh etc…They sold out by the time it was only 8 pm wor! Terrrer or not??

I noticed the restaurant installed their water meter up so high near the ceiling..wondering how the water meter guy going to read the meter leh…but can’t blame them la cos a lot besi/steel theifs around!


7 responses to “Another eventful Saturday

  1. wuahh..nice foods wor. Yeah, cheras area is developing at a rapid pace sometimes you may get lost wan.

  2. wah wah…kieran become astronaut kekeke…ya i remember going there few years back, climb hill till i siao oredi

  3. Oh,i wanna to go to Planetarium la, it seems very interesting for me lol!

  4. Angeleyes

    wah…makan makan so shiok…I miss the food lor! So my recommendation din dissapoint you hor? *slurp*

  5. mmmm – yummm. Eh wanna ask ah, how do pple see you carrying the camera around going around clicking for your blogs? Esp on food. Like tourists like dat. Ha ha

  6. I had stayed in Cheras for 2 months many moons ago, not so happening back then.

  7. Hehe, finally you went to the correct place this time huh..:P

    Seems like a fun place, i bet you guys had loads of fun! 🙂

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