Autumn Festival

I really look forward to this festival each year cos mainly of my cravings for mooncakes. Strangely enough, both myself, LaundryAhPah and Kieran are crazy over mooncakes. My family call us the Moonface Family cos we love mooncakes so much!

Another fun part of the festival is the lantern part…it brings back memories to me as I never fail to burn my lantern each year! Yes…so sad hor…and my brother will always laugh at me and sing this; “For siu tang lung tai tai kor lung…” (fire burnt lantern till big big hole appears) in one irritating tune!

Last year Kieran got a spiderman lantern and this year a superman lantern! Thanks to grandma of course!

Kylie couldn’t participate as yet but she got bitten by nasty mozzies while just looking from a far..

Speaking of Kylie, I was just bragging to Oscar’s mom that she’s quite strong maybe due to the fact that she eats so well and picks up food from the floor and her drinking cup is dirty all the time thanks to my lazy good for nothing maid. So I said, her resistance is built up from the exposure to such situations! But unfortunately, she developed a cough and had fever this morning at about 5 a.m. She was not making noise but I woke up and just felt like checking on her! Amazing motherly instincts! Gave her the fever medicine and then milk and she was one happy camper running around and trying to wake kor kor up! Daddy was very grumpy as he was flying off this morning and once he got ready, Kylie started coughing and when he went to her she threw up all over him!! See what happens to grouchy daddies? They suffer more! ok ok…not funny cos he ran out of pressed pants! (again thanks to lazy good for nothing maid). Thank goodness he managed to find one pair, although not really the desired colour scheme but nevermind la…got a plane to catch!

Now at the clinic waiting for doctor, looking active as ever…eh…still having slight fever wor…


15 responses to “Autumn Festival

  1. i noticed lately alot of mummies also said that thier kids are sick..maybe the weather is bad. Sick also so active huh? That’s a good sign..

  2. hey, oscar got a spiderman lantern too no thanks to grandpa cos its that kind of lantern that makes a very irritating sound-battery operated… kylie is very strong so she’ll recover soon.. and laundryahpah..he is always so ‘entertaining’.. he he

  3. aiyo pooor kylie, hope she gets well soon.

    I bought 2 lanterns for faythe, one is nemo and one butterfly. but she prefers to play candle *slap forehead*

  4. mom2ashley

    she doesnt look so sick in the picture though πŸ™‚

  5. there must be some nasty bugs flying around la – heard of so many fellas not well.
    get well soon, kylie. πŸ˜‰

  6. Wah, i can imagine how’s the LaundryAhPah’s face looked..haha..

    Recently a lot of kids fall sick hor, sigh, what happened?!!

    Speedy recovery to Kylie.

  7. Cute little ones you have there… πŸ™‚

  8. Tang lung!! i wan to play tang lung.

  9. Hi all, woah this viral fever is no joke, didnt have peaceful sleep as fever gets higher at night! After suppository panadol she’s up and running about this morning! *Slap forehead*

    Jazz- play candle not scared meh…hot hot wor the wax…

    baby smooches- hi, welcome welcome and thank q..can’t access your profile tho…

    Aceone-aiya dun shy shy la…go and buy one la!

  10. Your reminded me that I have yet to buy any lantern for my kids but then again, have leftovers from last year & one noisy battery operated one. Yikes! Hope Kylie gets well soon but it’s good that she is still active. Makes mommy feel a little better, ya?

  11. laundry apah get puke from laundary amah, kieran and kylie. i call that hatrick lah.

  12. Hope Kylie recovers soon,but good thing she’s still active despite the fever! πŸ™‚

    Ya, always trust our mother instinct, very accurate one! πŸ™‚


    I’m a fan of pandan flavored mooncakes!

  14. how come so many sick Bb’s? Hmm — my fav mooncake is the traditional lotus one…

  15. wah.. dirty dirty can build immunity hor?? Hmm.. should I risk that??

    Your Kylie is very tough.. Hope she’s better already.

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