How good a wife are you

Ok I cannot say I’m a good wife but I think I’m not a bad wife either. But yesterday I heard one very bizarre story of a certain woman who married a man as old as her father. Many would think sure the young wife will take very good care of the older husband but not this case lor.

Ok why leh? She doesn’t cook for the herself so of course doesn’t cook for the husband la. But then hor, when husband was sick, cincai la can cook just a pot of porridge ma..what’s so difficult? Ayo, she not only didn’t bother to cook but just left him a packet of instant noodles! Err..the noodles still intact in the packet…how to eat leh? Liddat oso can??


14 responses to “How good a wife are you

  1. aiyoyo..liddat oso can ar?? See why must I marry so fast jek?

  2. sounds like married for money, not for love

  3. poor guy, thought married a young lady can take good care of him..but..maybe the lady is too young lah, or like jazzmint said she just married for money!!


    Wahliau! I’m speechless!

  5. What??!!
    Maybe not married for money, if really money then sure will treat the old guy shiok shiok lol!

  6. Maybe she thot her daddy..oops! husband know how to cook maggi mee, cepat masak, sedap makan?

  7. Angeleyes

    aiyoh…so difficult to get into your comment box ahmah! This beta thingy must kena whack whack lioa!

    Married a grandfather make sure rich like Nicole Smith’s hubby lor so can get the maid to cook and get all the $$$ when grandpa hubby hit the bucket… hehhe

  8. aceone-eh eh no excuse ah…must still get married ah…

    jazz & annie-hmmm for $$ i dunno but definitely no love leh..

    Julian- i know i know..

    Hui Sia-ya man i was thinking the guy still can will off his money and assets to his kids now!

    mott-ayo,,sick wor…

    angeleyes-ya lar this beta must piak piak! solly ah…


    I am still speechless 🙂

    Anyway, I guess the perception of old man with young woman is always has to do with money. But I guess in some cases, they do marry for love. Got young man marry old grandma also what, in Malaysia some more.

  10. err.. maybe the old man did something mean to her, so she’s bearing grudges..

    Or maybe she’s a young punk trying to korek from Sugar Daddy.. no need to jaga him baik baik ma.

  11. think I am the BEST wife lah…Laundryamah…don’t you agree?? hee hee

  12. Julian-ya ya i remember that grandma story! hahaha

    Zaramama-no no..that guy good guy..ayoooo sad la..

    Nomadicmom-YES! u r ze best!

    blurblur-dat’s what i thot, dun know how to cook nvm, but at least pay someone to do it ma..rite anot??

  13. errm… a case of ‘you-asked-for-it?’ maybe she korek enough from DOM already. anyway, love your blog. wanna link link?

  14. Aiya, nothing to do with whether she young or he old. She doesn’t love him, so she can’t be bothered la … sounds like a very sad marriage – for the man

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